Know Your Values


Need to find your teams magic motivation?

You have bold dreams for your organization, you need to ensure your team is as highly engaged and driving for the same clear common goal. Learn the 3 profound questions you need to ask today to build a deeply satisfied team.  Moving from conflict to connection, LV helps you expose your team values so you can create a world-class champion team.

A Motivated Team, Please


The Problem

You have a great team of people who are struggling to meet the demands of your organization.  You have noticed unhappy or disengaged workers.   You are seeing productivity decline and absentee rates rise. Staff turnover is rising.  But you cannot put your finger on what is causing this disengagement. 


The Solution

Determining your organizational values, and sharing them widely, enables your team to better understand your process to reach your goals. A clearly defined process relieves pressure and encourages buy-in. 


The Process

Through a combination of mini-lectures, group dialogue, and role-play practice you will create real-time strategies to increase staff and customer satisfaction. During these energizing exercises you will be able to identify and define your individual and collective values (foundations) and to build strategies to ensure you are living those values.


During this seminar you will:

  • Articulate the unconscious culture of your organization.  
  • Assess how your culture affects your team and customers
  • Create strategies for customer satisfaction that are a tailer fit to your company culture 
  • Determine the key reasons why your staff stay (and why they quit)
  • Learn effective tools to overcome conflict
  • Understand how to make your expectations crystal-clear
  • Develop solid feedback skills


About the Facilitator:

Stephen is the program manager of Leadership Victoria. As a professional speaker and workshop facilitator Stephen helps organizational leaders build engaged and fulfilling workplace cultures. Stephen is a Graduate from Royal Roads University with a specialization in Values-Based Leadership.   Stephen supports leaders and organizations to assess the culture of their organization and develop strategies to align the culture they live, with the culture they desire.

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