2017-2018 Community Action Project: Team Dynamic Quattro

Community Partner: Pacifica Housing

The You Matter project was inspired by a campaign that UVic had recently completed called Kindmail, where UVic alumni were called upon to send encouraging messages to students in exam period. Our team took the concept of Kindmail and came up with the You Matter campaign. We partnered with Pacifica Housing to deliver handmade cards with a short but encouraging message to four of their supported housing buildings. One side of the decorated card had “You Matter” written on it. On the other side there was a note encouraging the recipient to pass on the card when their heart was full.


Almost 150 residents received individual handmade cards that we hoped brought encouragement and positivity. This was especially meaningful as many of these adults had faced homelessness, or were previously at risk of facing homelessness due to mental health and/or addictions. Our team spent one morning delivering the cards to each unit by taping a card on each door. In one building we were notified of the recent passing of three residents, and so the cards were especially appreciated and timely.

Team Members:
Jordan Cooper
Roger Hazeldon
Tara Skobel
Kathy Khouri

Team Coach: Annette Siewertsen