Who Should Enroll?

Is the program right for me?


The ideal Leadership Victoria program participant is a person who demonstrates:

  • creativity and innovation
  • initiative and integrity
  • a strong sense of community
  • an ability to collaborate with others and build relationships
  • a commitment and willingness to serve others
  • strong interpersonal skills
  • good communication skills

You must also have the time. Full attendance in the program is vital. It is essential that both you and your employer understand and honour the commitment required. Approximately 12-15 full days of program time over four months is needed to complete the curriculum. In addition, participants must be able to make the time to complete all assignments and to participate fully in a team project.

Is the program right for my organization? Why Community Leadership?


Employers often ask, “Why does it make sense for me to train my employees in community leadership? After all, we are not a community organization. What difference will this make for us?”

It’s a good question for which we believe there is a very good answer. We call it “Leadership Plus,” and it is the direct result of the intense experiential learning in the community context that our participants receive. Leadership Plus has five parts, all of them relevant to leadership in any organizations.

Leadership plus one — skills: First, Leadership Victoria program participants get an exceptional grounding in fundamental leadership skills common to all organizations. They learn how to build and lead teams, inspire others, articulate a motivating project vision, negotiate partnerships, and define the path to success, to take just a few examples. And because their skills are developed in learning by doing, their knowledge is hands-on, not just theoretical.

Leadership plus two — collaboration: Through their Community Action Projects, our program participants develop the ability to manage and lead collaboration — within teams, between organizations, and sometimes even between sectors.

Leadership plus three — innovation: Again through Community Action Projects, Leadership Victoria learners hone their abilities to conceive and implement innovative solutions to difficult problems in a hands-on, directly practical learning situation, with real partners expecting real outcomes.

Leadership plus four — community awareness: The challenges facing our community affect all organizations, not just community groups. More and more businesses must learn to effectively manage their role within the communities that sustain them. Leadership Victoria learners develop a solid grounding in community systems that will help any organization in managing their community relations.

Leadership plus five — confidence: More than anything Leadership Victoria learners, through practical hands-on experience, develop the deep confidence they need to imagine, plan, and follow through on innovative ideas and projects decisively and energetically.

What organization does not need employees like this?

What are the selection criteria?

What does Leadership Victoria look for in applicants for our Community Leadership Development Program?


When assessing Expressions of Interest for entry to the program, we look for evidence of the following attributes:

  • Motivated to be engaged in the community in a leadership capacity 
  • Current resident of the Greater Victoria region and committed to stay in the community for 3+ years after the program
  • Currently employed in a professional or career position, or engaged in sustained volunteer activities 
  • Self-awareness about your strengths and weaknesses, and a commitment to personal and professional development;
  • 2-4 years of higher education preferred - show your capacity to actively contribute to an adult learning environment with a diverse learning group, with all-day or multi-day learning sessions, and few formal learning supports;
  • Willingness to commit to attending ALL of the program components and participate fully in a team Community Action Project - this includes a commitment not to take extended vacations during the program, and may require you to take days off work.
  • Have the permission and support of his/her employer for participation.

Once these criteria are met, we will ask applicants to provide us with their resume, a letter of support from someone who knows you well enough to comment on your leadership potential, and signed commitment from your employer that they will allow you to take the time needed to participate in the program. 

Leadership Victoria does not discriminate on the basis of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, political opinion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital/family status, language and any other discrimination or harassment prohibited by applicable law. 

What happens if I change jobs during the program?

We ask participants to provide an Employer Commitment Form, showing that their employer and direct supervisor are aware of the time commitment and principles of the Community Leadership Development Program. What happens if you change jobs during the program?


If you change jobs, we encourage you to tell your new employer/supervisor about your commitment to the program. We are happy to answer questions from your new supervisor to help them develop a better understanding about the program. 

If you're interviewing for jobs, it's a really good idea to tell prospective employers about this program. Making this investment in yourself as a community leader is a sign of your awesomeness!

We unfortunately are unable to provide refunds once the program has started if you are forced to withdraw during the year because of changes in your employment situation.