Leadership Victoria is a community-based organization committed to developing, supporting, and celebrating community leaders who help make our city great. Since 2001, we have become the go-to organization for community leadership development in Greater Victoria. Our volunteer board members, coaches, mentors, facilitators, and program partners put their collective skills and expertise to work in developing Victoria's emerging generation of leaders. 

Since its inception, Leadership Victoria has graduated over 388 participants who have completed 73 community action projects, leaving a tangible legacy in our community. 



Growing community leadership.


Community leaders changing the world.  Starting here.


Local - We serve the community and are driven to make it better.

Valued - We are committed to excellence and making a difference.  We are professional, aspirational, curious and relevant.  Our work is measurable and we believe leadership can be taught and learned.

Dedicated - We value integrity and are committed to honesty and fairness and doing our work well.  We are kind, able to be vulnerable and accepting of mistakes.

Inclusive - We value inclusion, diversity and equity and believe that anyone can be a community leader.

Collaborative - We partner, engage and connect with people.

Accountable - We are brave, committed to tackling the difficult, and practise what we teach.

Fun - We are enthusiastic, inspirational and joyful.  We celebrate and acknowledge our successes and each other.


How We Meet Our Vision

Leadership Victoria believes the future of our community is in our hands. We are accountable for developing new leaders and ensuring the current generation passes on its skills to promising up-and-coming generations. Our community faces many challenges, and experienced leaders are required more than ever to tackle those challenges head-on. The successes of Leadership Victoria to teach new leaders through hands-on, tangible community legacies and an engaged network of active community leaders putting their skills to the test every day is two decades strong.