Victoria Community Leadership Awards

Every year the local influencers of Victoria gather to highlight the accomplishments and celebrate the exceptional leaders who make this place great. .


The 2019 Victoria Community Leadership Awards (Signature sponsorship by The Victoria Foundation) is our premier awards event to celebrate community leadership and recognize those who have made a lasting contribution to the Greater Victoria communities. We tell the inspiring stories of Greater Victoria’s unsung heroes, honouring them and their achievements.

Experience a True Celebration!

Walk through the grand doors at Government House and enter into a glittering evening cocktail gala. Be handed a glass of champagne while meeting and conversing with local influencers from Victoria's public, private, and non-profit sectors. Enjoy delicious hos d'oeuvres alongside the local influencers committed to transforming our community and leading through example.  

The Victoria Community Leadership awards is a chance to show the region's appreciation for the dedication and contribution made by each of our featured community leaders.

When: Thursday, May 23rd, 2019
From 6:00pm to 8:00pm, Doors Open at 5:30pm
Where: Government House, 1401 Rockland Ave, Victoria


SOLD OUT! See you next year 


Sponsor the VCLAs.

By supporting the Victoria Community Leadership awards, you demonstrate your company’s leadership. We invite you to highlight your role as a community influencer as you showcase your commitment to our local leaders. The VCLAs are an excellent opportunity for you to invest yourself in premium community leadership.

Our 2019 Signature Sponsor, The Victoria Foundation , is as committed to leadership in the Greater Victoria Community as we are!


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Awards Categories:


Healthy Standard of Living: Ensuring stable employment and resources for a healthy community with access to secure and sustainable housing.

Thriving Children and Youth: Supporting and promoting social, mental, physical and cultural wellbeing for people under 30.

Lifelong Learning: Providing attainable formal or informal learning throughout life for personal or professional development.

Belonging & Engagement: Connecting our residents in meaningful community so we experience a sense of participation and belonging.

Healthy Safe Environments: Innovating and ensuring our built and natural environments are beautiful, safe, sustainable, and accessible.

Health & Wellness: Improving access to enjoyable and effective fitness, healthcare and food security.

Arts & Culture: Connecting and engaging Victoria to a significant array of arts and cultural opportunities.

Getting Started in our Community: Engaging and welcoming newcomers to our community and leaving a great impression for visitors to Victoria.

Innovative Science & Technology: Developing and sharing technology for the community to connect and make a local lasting difference now and into the future.

Extending Reconciliation: Deepening and improving the relationship between the various nations that make Canada home.


We Celebrate Leaders.

Do you know an inspiring leader making a difference in your community?
Is there a leader engaging others to improve Victoria's standard of living or to ensure sustainable environments?
Is there a leader making a lasting contribution to children and youth, new Canadians, or Indigenous relations?
Do you want to recognize a leader connecting Victoria to an array of arts and cultural opportunities?
Who needs to be recognized and celebrated for everything they do for us and our community?

Nominations are now closed. Winners will be announced soon. 


Thank you to the generosity of all of our VCLA 2019 Sponsors



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Since 1936, the Victoria Foundation has been managing charitable gifts to create permanent, income-earning funds that support hundreds of charities each year. We grant more than a million dollars a month, and to-date we have distributed more than $222 million to support charities locally and across Canada.


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