The 2021 Victoria Community Leadership Awards is our premier awards event to celebrate community leadership and recognize those who have made a lasting contribution to the Greater Victoria communities. We tell the inspiring stories of Greater Victoria’s unsung heroes, honouring them and their achievements.

Our Awards: 

Healthy Standard of Living: Ensuring stable employment and resources for a healthy community with access to secure and sustainable housing.

Thriving Children and Youth: Supporting and promoting social, mental, physical and cultural wellbeing for people under 30.

Lifelong Learning: Providing attainable formal or informal learning throughout life for personal or professional development.

Belonging and Engagement: Connecting residents in meaningful community to ensure a sense of participation and belonging.

Flourishing Safe Environments: Innovating and ensuring our built and natural environments are beautiful, safe, sustainable, and accessible.

Health and Wellness: Improving access to enjoyable and effective fitness, healthcare and food security.

Arts and Culture: Connecting and engaging Victoria to a significant array of arts and cultural opportunities.

Getting Started in our Community: Engaging and welcoming newcomers to our community and leaving a great impression for visitors to Victoria.

Innovative Science and Technology: Developing and sharing technology for the community to connect and make a local lasting difference now and into the future.

Extending Reconciliation: Deepening and improving the relationship between the diverse nations that make Canada home.