A group is not a team


Turning a Group into a Thriving Team

The strongest teams are formed from groups, but a group is not a team. How do the most successful teams navigate between conflicting individual personalities to a highly connected common goal. Learn to practice the 4 foundations of highly effective teams so everyone can find their place and value and accomplish extraordinary goals.

A Thriving Team, Please


The Problem

The individuals on your team have incredible skills and when they find themselves with like-minded people everything works well. Problems arise when differing skills and priorities begin to conflict. As a leader you may be called in to mediate those tensions and this can take considerable time. How do we get our team to work together in natural harmony?


The Solution

Teams do not form by chance, they are developed over time through specific skills. Although there is no single formula for great teams, but there are similar attributes between all great teams. This session will help you identify and articulate your team's four foundations to ensure you have a plan and a strategy to create a world class team.


The Process

Through a combination of group discovery, mini-lecture, and interactive exercises you will learn the specific skillset you bring to a team and identify how other team-members help you succeed. During these quick-paced exercises you will deepen your clarity on team development and put it into immediate practice


During this seminar you will:

  • Learn the model of high-impact team development 
  • Learn the four key questions every successful team answers
  • Understand your personal key strengths on a team and where you should share them
  • Learn how to better manage your personal weaknesses on a team
  • Practice the behaviours that lead to strong team building


About the Facilitator:

Mark is the executive director of Leadership Victoria. Mark is a a dynamic communicator on Culture, Community-Building, Values and International Development. His background as a humanitarian development worker reveals a passion to build healthy communities in Canada and around the world. Mark has extensive experience in organizational leadership and is always looking to develop, celebrate and support leaders who put in the hard work to build community. 

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