The Resilient Leadership Program is here to help you with your pandemic problems.

Leadership Victoria has developed a program for you to meet and complete your team's covid-19 recovery action plan. Once a week for eight weeks. Sponsored and supported by Island Savings and the First West Foundation.

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Short & Sweet

The sessions take place within the work day, every Thursday from 9:30-11:30, for 8 weeks from February 3rd to March 27th. There is no homework and no pre-work.  

Everything your organization needs takes place within these two hours.  

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Practical & Pragmatic

All sessions will take place over zoom.  

We require three key team members participate directly and form a plan. Together you can make decisions and implement plans.   

We recommend:  

The executive director  

The program manager  

A member of the board  

First Hour 

Delivery of material by the facilitator, with break-out room work and live interaction from participants.  

Second Hour 

purely practical implementation of the tool through work with your team. The idea is that you will have begun to fix an issue/implement a tool into your organization within the two hours, not after the meeting or at some yet to be planned date.  



This Year’s Session Outline 

  1.  Resolidifying mission and mandate

  2. Building Stronger Teams

  3. Digital Leadership: Solutions for remote work issues 

  4. Staff Wellbeing and Health

  5. Resource Development

  6. Stakeholder Analysis 

  7. Key messaging

  8. Networking session



This program is valued at $1650. Bursaries are available. Conditions apply


Why LV?

For over 20 years we have been growing the community leaders of greater Victoria.

  • Our graduates work with 12 000 staff members in local organizations. 

  • The combined annual budgets of the teams and organizations led by LV grads are approximately $1.5 billion. 

  • And 69% of LV alumni have taken on more or significantly more responsibility for leading others since graduating from the program.

  • There are approximately 277 LV alumni currently volunteering in our community, with 208 of those working in leadership roles.  

  • LV grads volunteer on average 2770 hours/month or over 33,000 hours per year. 

  • There are approximately 2704 community volunteers who are led by an LV alumnus in a community group. 

We are prepared for this pandemic. Our program is the benchmark for local community leadership, our appeal is widespread, our facilitators are the best in the region, and our track record for local connection is unparalleled.  We are uniquely positioned to provide local leadership support for our critical community organizations at this time.