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The impact of COVID-19 has created challenges for Greater Victoria's community-serving organizations. 

The Resilient Leadership Program is for leaders navigating a crisis. Due to the impact of the pandemic, many local organizations are hurting. Some have closed permanently while many others are facing terribly difficult decisions. The increased vulnerability of small businesses, organizations, and not-for profits who serve the community has prompted the creation of this program to support local leaders. The generosity of First West Credit Union as our signature sponsor has made this program possible.

If you are a community-serving organization in need of leadership support or guidance in this time, this program may be for you.




Leadership burnout is at an all-time high. If we do not support these leaders now, we will lose critical infrastructure. The loss of community organizations will lengthen the pain of recovery. Once gone, they may never return.




Leadership Victoria is developing an emergency program to increase resiliency skills for the leaders of community-based organizations who are facing a high-risk future due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know that strong leaders in key organizations will need to navigate the crisis and help the community into an unknown future.


What it looks Like

This eight-week online course will highlight the following topics:

  1. Leadership assessment and evaluation

    • The One Thing: You will walk away from this session with an outline of your current team leadership skills and abilities.​

  2. Team dynamics and relationship building

    • The One Thing: Recognizing that your team may need to be reformed for your new realities and making the most of the opportunity in the crisis. Match your current leaders to the products and tasks you will use to weather this crisis.​

  3. Digital and remote leadership

    • The One Thing: innovative thoughts on what could be possible for your team, staff, clients and community ​

  4. Creating a pivot plan for adapting to COVID-19 regulations

    • The One Thing: a process to develop a pivot plan for your new or changed offerings that both match your mission and engage with current Covid 19 reality ​

  5. Evaluation and attainment of resources and supports

    • The One Thing:  a strategic plan for your personal resource development to assign to your team or new volunteers ​

  6. Stakeholder engagement strategies

    • The One Thing:  a process to learn from the wisdom of your stakeholders so you don’t need to have all of the answers ​

  7. Community and organizational communications

    • The One Thing:  a clear one-pager of your key messaging ​

  8. Collaboration with like-minded organizations/adapting for the future

    • The One Thing:  To form a community of practice. Connections on a first name and cel phone number basis to ensure we move forward in a collaborative process with other community leaders.  


How it Works

  • This program will be focused on developing the mindset and skills of the key lead team (Senior Manager, Board Chair, Program lead) of community-serving organizations

  • Our content will be provided through an 8-week program focused on:

    • Support: Developing a leadership strategy

    • Tools: Implementing the practical steps to the strategy

    • Connections: Building lasting relationships to new community partners for ongoing support and to get things done.

  • Access to one-on-one coaches and mentors from local community leaders

  • A cross-collaboration forum of organizations to increase resiliency

  • Post session support from coaches

  • Content will be recorded and made available in video format for future usage by Leadership Victoria for the wider community


Why LV?

For over 20 years we have been growing the community leaders of greater Victoria.

  • Our graduates work with 12 000 staff members in local organizations. 

  • The combined annual budgets of the teams and organizations led by LV grads are approximately $1.5 billion. 

  • And 69% of LV alumni have taken on more or significantly more responsibility for leading others since graduating from the program.

  • There are approximately 277 LV alumni currently volunteering in our community, with 208 of those working in leadership roles.  

  • LV grads volunteer on average 2770 hours/month or over 33,000 hours per year. 

  • There are approximately 2704 community volunteers who are led by an LV alumnus in a community group. 

We are prepared for this pandemic. Our program is the benchmark for local community leadership, our appeal is widespread, our facilitators are the best in the region, and our track record for local connection is unparalleled.  We are uniquely positioned to provide local leadership support for our critical community organizations at this time.


Is your Organization a Candidate for this Program?

We are focused on supporting the leadership of critical, but at-risk organizations due to COVID-19. Our participants will be community leadership teams who are:

  • Leading community based civil societies and similar organizations seen as vital to the fabric of our community

  • Significantly affected by the negative effects wreaked by COVID-19 

  • Indicating their desire for critical support to navigate this new territory

  • Representative of the wider community

  • Underserved community leaders or those in equity seeking groups

  • Eager for the opportunity to continue serving our community and engage in new partnerships

  • Personally committed to lead through tension and support community recovery

  • Recommended and responsive to the needs of funders


Are you a local leader interested in being a program facilitator?

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