Program Nuts and Bolts

Leadership Victoria's flagship program is based on a blend of theory and experience in the community.

We bring together learners from diverse backgrounds, who work in business, non-profit, academic and government environments, and put you to work in collaborative teams.

Each aspect of the program is considered integral to the structure of learning, so we consider all of these components to be required for graduation.



Leadership Orientation Session 2018-19:

At CHEK News Building 780 Kings Road

November 1, 5-8 pm

Meet your learning collegues and the facilitators/coaches who will guide your Community Leadership Development experience!

We explore what it means to have a "healthy community" and what you're most passionate about.

At this session, we introduce you to our community partner and provide you with the resources and info you need to prepare for the months ahead.

Thank you to CHEK News for providing the space for our orientation. 

Leadership Launch 2018-19:

November 16, 5-8:30 pm and November-17, 8:30 am-4 pm  

At Yakimovich Wellness Centre 1454 Hillside Ave

Your Community Leadership Development begins with an engaging 1 1/2 day Launch where you will: 

understand how our flagship learning model adopts Bloom's Taxonomy's 70-20-10 rule: learning is most effective when 10% involves theory, 20% involves peer engagement and 70% involves experiential or applied learning. This is accomplished through real Community Action Projects with our community partner

  • develop team-building and collaboration skills
  • appreciate different leadership styles and the different paths towards community leadership
  • begin your exploration of our community and its diverse challenges and issues


Perhaps most important, it is in the course of the Leadership Launch that you'll begin to explore your own leadership self-knowledge and begin to take stock of your level of skill in various leadership competencies. The leader you are going to become begins to take shape here.

At the Leadership Launch, you'll have an opportunity to get to know your fellow participants. Ultimately, leadership is about teamwork and collaboration. The Launch sets the environment and the activities to build on this important dynamic, and to ensure everyone is positioned for success over the following months. 

It's also a great deal of fun!


Community Learning Days (CLDs)

Over the period of November to February the program unfolds in a series of day-long learning sessions called Community Learning Days. In each Community Learning Day you will focus on a particular aspect of the community in Victoria, as well as on the fundamental skills of community leadership.

A variety of guest speakers and local leaders participate in Community Learning Days, voluntarily sharing their wealth of knowledge, insights, skills, and experience with learners. These activities reflect the diversity of our community. 

During Community Learning Days, you'll gain knowledge and build skills in support of the four pillars of Community Leadership, which you'll then put to work in your Community Action Project.

Each year, one or two of our Community Learning Days are opened to other members of the community (by invitation), so that we can share our learning experience as well as hear the input and perspectives of a wider range of participants.


Leadership Victoria would like to acknowledge Lumina Learning for their generous donation to our program in 2018-2019.



For the 2018-19 program year, Community Learning Days will fall on:

December 15-Burnside Gorge Community Center  8:30-4:00

January 19- Venue to be determined, 8:30-4:30

February 16-Venue to be determined, 8:30-4:30



Online Virtual Classroom: MyLeadershipDevelopment

Immediately following your Orientation Session on November 1, you will be given access to MyLeadershipDevelopment virtual classroom. This site is password restricted to program administrators, participants, facilitators and coaches. It is hosted on PrinceHeron Communications; Leadership Victoria only has access to the Community Leadership Development Program.

MyLeadershipDevelopment is your online gateway to resources, agendas, pre- and post-CLD assignments, group discussion forums, videos, webinars and online collaboration tools that will enrich your learning journey. You and your team will find all you need to make continued progress throughout the program.

Community of Practice Online Sessions

From December to February, your team will meet online (one hour each month, during the evening) with the other teams and discuss successes and challenges. This regular collaboration is essential to your process because it can reveal issues or problems that are common to everyone and that can be resolved quickly. Teams from previous years have found this collaboration to be vital to their success.

For the 2018-19 program year, Community of Practice sessions will fall on: December 6; January 10; February 14 and 21


Community Action Projects

Expand your learning by putting your new skills into action! Learners are organized into teams of 5-6 people, matched with a team coach who acts as their liaison with Leadership Victoria and supports the team's process and development. 

Each team is provided with a Community Action Project, which serves as a "learning lab" for leadership development and delivers a direct benefit to the community. Teams partner with our community partner and other organizations or agencies, to resolve real-life challenging projects that will have a present-day impact and deliver future benefits to our partner.

Explore more about current and past Community Action Projects in our archive of past projects...

Community Action Project teams and their team coaches meet regularly throughout the program, on a schedule set up by each team at a mutually convenient time. Most teams meet weekly, either face-to-face or online through the MyLeadershipDevelopment collaboration tool.


Time Commitment

While this is not an academic program requiring a great deal of study and paper-writing, we do expect learners to participate in activities that deepen understanding of leadership concepts and community issues.

In addition to participating in the Orientation and four CLDs, you can expect to spend up to 10 hours each month collaborating and preparing for Community Learning Days and completing your Community Action Project. This time is spent reading short articles, watching online videos, participating in webinars, collaborating with your colleagues in online discussions and reflective thinking. 

On average, participants spend 6-8 hours a week on course requirements.


Workplace/Community Sharing

We encourage all participants to set up a group of colleagues in their workplace or a community organization where you volunteer, and "share out" or report to this group monthly or quarterly.

By sharing your learning about leadership, you'll solidify the concepts for yourself and spread the positive impact of your experience!




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November 2018 - February 2019


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Regular Registration deadline is October 24th, 2018  Call 250 881 2681 for late registration details. 



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