Program Nuts and Bolts

Founded in 2001, the Community Leadership Development Program is our flagship program. It takes emerging leaders from the public, private, and non-profit sectors and sets them up for success as community leaders. The program is based on a blend of theory and experience in the community.

The 2019-2020 Community Leadership Development Program is a five month learning journey that starts in September and runs through February 2020. We combine exclusive content (live workshops and online classrooms) with open public events so participants deepen their connections to the leaders of Greater Victoria.

Our learning model adopts Bloom's Taxonomy's 70-20-10 rule: learning is most effective when 10% involves theory, 20% involves peer engagement and 70% involves experiential or applied learning. This is accomplished through real-world Community Action Projects with a community partner.

Peer engagement is key to successful learning, so we balance our program between live workshops and online classrooms. Our online components focus on collaboration and discussions, supported by team coaches. 

Registration for this year’s program is open now.  


Prior Learning Credit for Camosun College Leadership Development Certificate

Graduates of our program from 2015 onwards can present their Leadership Victoria program completion to apply for prior learning credit towards the Camosun College Certificate in Leadership Development. Our program is recognized as meeting the requirements for the core components (66 hours) of the Leadership Development Certificate.


2019-2020 Leadership Orientation Session:

At Songhees Wellness Centre

September 12th, 5-8 pm

Meet your learning collegues and the facilitators/coaches who will guide your Community Leadership Development experience!

We explore what it means to have a "healthy community" and what you're most passionate about.

At this session, we introduce you to our community and provide you with the resources and info you need to prepare for the months ahead.

Thank You Carey Newman for your inspiring keynote.  



Leadership Launch 2019:

Bethlehem Centre in Nanaimo October 5th-6th

At the Leadership Launch and Retreat, you'll have an opportunity to get to know your fellow participants. Ultimately, leadership is about teamwork and collaboration. The Launch sets the environment and the activities to build on this important dynamic, and to ensure everyone is positioned for success over the following months. 

It's is intense but also a great deal of fun!


Community Learning Days (CLDs)

Over the 5 month period from October until February the program unfolds in a series of day-long learning sessions called Community Learning Days. In each Community Learning Day you will focus on a particular aspect of the community in Victoria, as well as on the fundamental skills of community leadership.

A variety of guest speakers and local leaders participate in Community Learning Days, voluntarily sharing their wealth of knowledge, insights, skills, and experience with learners. These activities reflect the diversity of our community. 

During Community Learning Days, you'll gain knowledge and build skills in support of the four pillars of Community Leadership, which you'll then put to work in your Community Action Project.

October 26th, Know and Manage Self

The initial learning day is a day to discover who you are, how you lead, and what you aspire to be.  After breaking down the Leadership Assessment, you dive3 deep into understanding how you show up in leadership and begin to describe your ideal self.  Added to the learning day is an opportunity to learn about Systems Thinking and Change Management.

Special Thanks to Frank Leonard for our lunchtime address.  


November 16th, 2019, Analyze

The CLD on November 16th was a special day as we were privileged to be lead by Ian Chisholm of ROY Group.  He lead an engaged and inspiring workshop to develop our leadership skills and deepen our understanding of the power of leadership, vs management.  The day was completed after introducing our Community Partner from KidCareCanada, and initiating the Community Action Projects.  


December 7th, Engagement

On December 7th, The Leadership Victoria cohort participated in a storytelling workshop with Carol Lynne Michaels and Cassandra Togneri of Confabulation.  The workshop highlighted the impact of storytelling on your leadership practice.   We were also thrilled to invite Lisa Mort-Putnam from Volunteer Victoria as our Lunch time speaker.  



Online Virtual Classroom: MyLeadershipDevelopment

MyLeadershipDevelopment is your online gateway to resources, agendas, pre- and post-CLD assignments, group discussion forums, videos, webinars and online collaboration tools that will enrich your learning journey. You and your team will find all you need to make continued progress throughout the program.

Community of Practice Online Sessions

On occasion, your team will meet online (one hour, during the evening) with the other teams and discuss successes and challenges. This regular collaboration is essential to your process because it can reveal issues or problems that are common to everyone and that can be resolved quickly. Teams from previous years have found this collaboration to be vital to their success.

Community Action Projects

Expand your learning by putting your new skills into action! Learners are organized into teams of 5-6 people, matched with a team coach who acts as their liaison with Leadership Victoria and supports the team's process and development. 

Each team is provided with a Community Action Project, which serves as a "learning lab" for leadership development and delivers a direct benefit to the community. Teams partner with our community partner and other organizations or agencies, to resolve real-life challenging projects that will have a present-day impact and deliver future benefits to our partner.

Community Action Project teams and their team coaches meet regularly throughout the program, on a schedule set up by each team at a mutually convenient time. Most teams meet weekly, either face-to-face or online through the MyLeadershipDevelopment collaboration tool.

Time Commitment

While this is not an academic program requiring a great deal of study and paper-writing, we do expect learners to participate in activities that deepen understanding of leadership concepts and community issues.

In addition to participating in the Orientation and five CLDs, you can expect to spend 6-8 hours each week collaborating and preparing for Community Learning Days and completing your Community Action Project. This time is spent reading short articles, watching online videos, participating in webinars, collaborating with your colleagues in online discussions and reflective thinking. 

Workplace/Community Sharing

We encourage all participants to set up a group of colleagues in their workplace or a community organization where you volunteer, and "share out" or report to this group monthly or quarterly.

By sharing your learning about leadership, you'll solidify the concepts for yourself and spread the positive impact of your experience!

Evaluation Process

New in 2019-2020, candidates must satisfactorily meet the following criteria in order to complete the program.  Evaluations will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Attendance at the Leadership retreat, and Community Learning Days.  Attendance at the retreat is mandatory.  Attendance at all Community Learning Days is expected.  If due to illness or emergency a participant is unable to attend, they are responsible to work with a peer to ensure they have received all key learning.  If a participant misses more than one Community Learning Day, they will be asked to demonstrate an understanding of the missed material.  
  2. Completion of all on-line modules and assignments.   This will include reading articles, watching videos or webinars and answering reflective questions to integrate the learning and ensure an understanding of the material presented.  At times, this may include a quiz or short essay questions.  
  3. Contribution to the team and the CAP project.  This will include attendance at team meetings and timely completion of expected tasks.  This will be evaluated through self-assessment, peer assessment and coach evaluation.  
  4. Participant will demonstrate key competencies. Throughout the program, there will be opportunities for participants to demonstrate the leadership competencies that are learned in the program. Each participant is required to adequately demonstrate an understanding of these competencies.  Competencies may include public speaking, technical writing, accessing community respurses.  A list of competencies required will be available at the orientation on September 12th.