Permanent Fulltime Employee

We are hiring a program manager.

The Program Manager is responsible for the recruitment of students and coordinating our programs. Plans, implements, and oversees the annual activities of program(s). Participates in program development, revenue generation, volunteer recruitment and management, policies and procedure formulation, program evaluation and budget preparation.

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Key Accountabilities/Outcomes

  1. Recruit, manage, improve and promote the annual Community Leadership Development Program (CLDP) and other LV leadership programs

  2. Meet or exceed program(s) financial targets through program fees, sponsorship, grants and bursary solicitation

  3. Oversees the day-to-day operation of LV leadership development program(s) by ensuring that the necessary facilities and facilitators are in place, program guidelines and policies are adhered to, and program standards and licensing requirements are met.

  4. Recruits, selects, dismisses, orients, trains, monitors and provides support to program volunteers.

  5. Initiate the work of the programming committee through liaison with the Programming Committee and the Board of Directors Program chair.

  6. Makes recommendation to the supervisor regarding program development, policy and procedure formulation and program(s) evaluation.

  7. Promotes public awareness of and support for the program(s) by performing duties such as producing promotional materials and attending community events.

  8. Liaises with community leaders and other professionals to coordinate service provision, facilitate referrals to the program(s) and represent the organization in external events.

  9. Monitors and authorizes program expenditures and maintains financial records in accordance to established procedures. Provides input to the supervisor in the preparation of the program(s) budget.

  10. Maintains related records and statistics and produces reports as required.

  11. Performs other related duties as required

The position reports to the Executive Director.