Community Leadership Development Program

Founded in 2001, the Community Leadership Development Program is our flagship program. It takes emerging leaders from the public, private, and non-profit sectors and sets them up for success as community leaders. 

The 2019-2020 Community Leadership Development Program is a five month learning journey that starts in September and runs through February 2020. We combine exclusive content (live workshops and online classrooms) with open public events so participants deepen their connections to the leaders of Greater Victoria.

Our learning model adopts Bloom's Taxonomy's 70-20-10 rule: learning is most effective when 10% involves theory, 20% involves peer engagement and 70% involves experiential or applied learning. This is accomplished through real-world Community Action Projects with a community partner.

Peer engagement is key to successful learning, so we balance our program between live workshops and online classrooms. Our online components focus on collaboration and discussions, supported by team coaches. 

Registration for this year’s program is open now.  


Prior Learning Credit for Camosun College Leadership Development Certificate

Graduates of our program from 2015 onwards can present their Leadership Victoria program completion to apply for prior learning credit towards the Camosun College Certificate in Leadership Development. Our program is recognized as meeting the requirements for the core components (66 hours) of the Leadership Development Certificate.