Power to be Celebrated - Team #3

Power_To_Be_Celebrated_-_Photo_2_thumbnail.jpgThis mural project facilitated a collaboration between non-profit organization Power To Be, local artist Kay Gallivan, and property management company DNL Holdings. Inspired by the work of Power To Be, Kay and partners painted a stunning mural on the wall of one of DNL Holdings' properties in downtown Victoria as a way to beautify the downtown, encourage community connectedness and a sense of belonging for all. Team #3 then hosted a celebration to unveil the mural and celebrate the community work that led to its creation.

This project aimed to foster partnerships between artists, non-profit organizations and local building owners to collaborate, celebrate and showcase the important community work being done by local non-profits.  This project also sought to foster ownership, pride and a sense of belonging, by enhancing neighbourhood identity and a sense of place in the community.

“Public Art has the capacity to enrich lives and exhilarate communities

Why Murals?

The team chose to express the project through a mural as a way to beautify the places we live, work and play. Murals create more welcoming built environments and draw people to the space. The team also felt that this art form best allows a community to express its own unique identity and values, thus creating public spaces that people are proud of and want to protect.


Project Impacts and Future Benefits

This project promotes multiculturalism and diversity, and provides a lasting legacy through public art. It also established new partnerships between artists, business and non-profits and provided a unique and impactful way for these stakeholder groups to work together.

The Community Leadership Development (CLD) Program fostered significant personal and professional growth in Team #3 members.

“This project deepened our experience in the CLD program by putting our learning into practice. It provided our team with an opportunity to work on a project where our values were an important lens.”

Team #3:


  • Carina Foran
  • Breanna Merrigan
  • Wendy Stone
  • Ashley McKay



  • Rosemary Cannon
  • Deb Hopkins

 Sponsors and Supporters:


  • Power To Be Adventure Therapy Society
  • BC Gaming Branch (Multiculturalism Grant)
  • Richlock Rentals
  • Cloverdale Paint
  • Our Place Society (Security Services)
  • Kay Gallivan and partner artists (Zu Fortune, Christine White, and Nicole Boyce)
  • CFUV Radio
  • Loft & Ladder


Team #3 would like to sincerely thank all of those who took part in this venture. Special thanks to sponsors and supporters who made this possible.