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WHY community leadership?

If you're a fan of TED Talks, you might have seen Simon Sinek's uplifting and thought-provoking talk, "Start with Why". He's got a book and a website which goes into more depth. As a new Executive Director here at Leadership Victoria, I've had a month "on the ground" to get to know this organization more, and what has struck me is that there's a very clear WHY for what we do. First, watch the video (or even the first few minutes of it).

So, what is Leadership Victoria's WHY? I'm going to venture my own opinion, and invite you to weigh in on the discussion as well over on our Facebook page.

We need leadership in our community to help us overcome challenges and accomplish the many things that add up to a vibrant, healthy, and sustainable community. 

I could lay on the hyperbole here, by talking about the challenges we face due to climate change, social inequality, financial uncertainty, etc. The fact is, each individual in this community faces challenges - some of them are common, some are unique. What binds us all together is that we need leadership to chart the course, connect the dots and change the future.

There are countless opportunities and ways that leadership is practiced in the community, by people from all walks of life. Leadership Victoria exists to develop, support and celebrate all of those people who step out of their comfort zone and make things happen.

What do you think?

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