• melissamouat

The Victoria Foundation & Vital Signs

A question facing anyone who wants to engage in meaningful community service is this: where will my time and energy be most impactful? The Victoria Foundation has made answering this question easier. Each year, they produce a report known as Vital Signs. The report focuses on twelve issue areas, such as Economy and Housing, and gives each area an overall grade. Vital Signs allows partner organizations, like Leadership Victoria, to identify areas where Victoria’s population needs the most support. In fact, reading the Vital Signs report is how we choose our Community Action Project focus for the following year. When we concentrate on issues that need more support, we know we're working on causes that matter.

Vital Signs was one of the topics of discussion during our most recent Community Learning Day. Leadership Victoria had a special visit from the Victoria Foundation, one of our key sponsors. Carol Hall and Jonathan Dyck represented the Victoria Foundation and gave an informative presentation about the foundation’s history, mission and ongoing work.

The Victoria Foundation was founded in 1936, during the Great Depression, and is the