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“Leadership Victoria was exactly what I needed to take a step forward in my life.  It gave me the opportunity to explore my own values, develop a sense of who I am and how I can contribute to our community in a meaningful way.  The lessons I learned at Leadership Victoria acted as a catalyst in my decision to change my career; one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I am forever thankful for my experience with Leadership Victoria and continually encourage others to consider this gift!”

Tracey2011-12 Cohort | Not-for-Profit Sector

“Leadership Victoria’s Community Action Project had an incredible impact on the Victoria Community Micro Lending SocietyWhen Team M$cro Solution graduated from Leadership Victoria, they left behind a comprehensive mentorship program and 15 trained volunteer mentors. Before Team M$cro, all that existed was an idea. Their impact will continue to be felt long after graduation.”

Major Lisa Helps | City of Victoria

Victoria Community Micro Lending Society & Community Action Project Sponsor

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