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Mining the Resources with Lisa Mort-Putland

In this week's session of the Resilient Leadership Program, with signature sponsor Coast Capital Savings, we talked about money: the good, the bad and the ugly!

The Resilient Leadership Program is an initiative to support the leadership teams of our community-serving organizations through the COVID-19 pandemic. We were thrilled to have Lisa Mort-Putland, the Executive Director of Volunteer Victoria, as our facilitator for this session. Her enthusiasm and sense of humour set the mood for an open, honest discussion about the financial realities of the non-profit world.

Lisa joined the Volunteer Victoria team as Executive Director in June 2011. Lisa holds a B.A. in Drama and a Masters in Public Administration with a focus on non-profit management. Prior to working with Volunteer Victoria Lisa was the Development Manager for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria and spent more than 25 years working and volunteering in the museum and heritage sector. Lisa is a member of the Board of Volunteer Canada. Lisa provides governance assistance to organizations and is often asked to speak at conferences, events, and celebrations.


Money, money, money... when engaging potential funders, it can be a daunting topic. Lisa has extensive experience in the non-profit world navigating challenges and celebrating efforts when attaining financial supports. One thing she emphasizes is that funding opportunities aren't just about money; they are about your organization's values.

"I could talk a glass eye to sleep...."

Lisa notes that storytelling is both an art and a tool. When applying for grants, interacting with donors, and reaching out generally for financial supports, the message of our mission is essential. When our message is inspiring, relevant, and emotionally charged, we enhance the capacity for memory-making; and this will ultimately help us stand out.


Another essential idea is that of nurturing relationships. We should be honest and genuine when interacting with potential funders, showing respect and gratitude for their time. We should welcome all efforts to support our organizations, as our work in the community depends on this network. Trust, gratitude, and authenticity in our interactions is imperative.


We extend our gratitude to Lisa Mort-Putland for this inspiring learning session, and to our signature sponsor Coast Capital Savings and the support from the City of Victoria in making the Resilient Leadership Program a reality. This program will continue to run for 3 more weeks- and it is not too late to join!

Learn more about the program by clicking here.

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