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Massively Human Leadership

Leadership Victoria would like to send out a MASSIVE thank you to Massively Human Leadership!

Each year, leaders from local not-for-profit organizations apply to the Community Leadership Development Program and require financial assistance to participate. Supporters, like Kathleen Seeley at Massively Human Leadership understand the value of leadership development for NFP leaders and provide bursary sponsorship to allow those leaders to overcome the financial barrier that exists in the NFP sector.

Kathleen Seeley is an author, acclaimed international speaker, Executive Coach and corporate consultant. She is authentic, edgy, walks her talk and unapologetically lives her most authentic and passionate life.

Her work is targeted to create sustainable values-driven cultures and develop values-based leaders. A values-based approach is emerging among leadership around the world as a pathway to a more stable and sustainable human future.

Kathleen shares her insights and strategies from her 25 years of experience actively and consciously facilitating game changing transformation, engaged employee cultures, building leadership capacity and improving team functioning.

Thank you Massively Human Leadership and thank you Kathleen. 

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