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The Ups and Downs of Leading Change

Everybody wants change, but nobody wants change to "happen to them." Managing change often means helping people see the need for change, getting them ready, and communicating together to the other people affected. 

As part of the Leading in Community series, Managing Change - Leading Change Through The Tough Times facilitator Jennifer Walker will touch on all the essentials of leading change, namely: 

  • Ensuring organizational readiness

  • Navigating transitions

  • Communicating change

  • Building resilience

Whether the change initiative comes from the top down, bottom up, or outside in, participants will understand how people in organizations react to change, identify concrete steps for leading people through the uncertainty, and use simple tools to get from here to there.

Date: March 31st, 2016 1:30 - 4:30 pm

Place: Greater Victoria Public Librarary Central Branch,720 Broughton Street

Cost: $30, $10 for seniors and unwaged.

Interested in booking an event or workshop? Contact us, or click here.

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