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Leadershift: Uncover Your Purpose

On June 12th, I had the pleasure of sharing our space with 17 engaged leaders, taking a deep dive into our personal values, and the collective values of our teams.  I believe values to be the words we use to describe our deeply held beliefs.  The beliefs that, at our core bring us joy, and sorrow, excitement and aggravation.  

Our day started by sharing our attitude of gratitude.  I like to start my workshops this way, as it brings such a positive vibe to the learning we are about to embrace. 

After defining what values are, we all took some time to identify the 10 values that were most important for us today. As values can shift, and evolve, it is important to remember the context of, what is important to us today. After spending most of the morning uncovering our values, defining them and starting to understand the actions and behaviours that display our values. The morning culminated with learning the 7 levels of personal consciousness as defined by Richard Barrett.

After a nice lunch and some time to network and mingle on a beautiful day, we jumped back into widen our understanding of values-based leadership. A leadership practice where our actions, behaviours and decisions are guided by our personal and collective values. We discussed the importance of understanding the differences between caring and building a relationship, and performance management. When a staff member is struggling, do we sit them down to see how we can help them, or do we initiate the performance management systems that may produce fear, defensiveness and resentment.

To finish the day, we learned an exercise for creating collective values statement. A great way to involve the entire team in defining the values of your team.

Thank you all for a fabulous day. Here are the links I promised.

The Barrett Values Centre-

The Free Personal Values Survey-

The Presentation-

This workshop will be provided periodically by Leadership Victoria.  It is also available to organizations to host for their organizations or teams.

For more information contact Stephen, the Program Manager at 250 385 6088.

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