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Introducing Gume Arzola

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Gume Arzola is a trainer, facilitator and team coach with over ten years of experience developing leadership in the corporate sector. Gume believes in the purpose of Leadership Victoria and is excited to support the development journey of local community leaders.

Gume stepped into Leadership Victoria in Spring 2019 as a volunteer. He was responsible for the VCLAs social media campaign helping with the ticket event sales and spreading the word of our 2019 VCLAs winners. Since then, he has handily supported LV's different tasks in the Community Leadership Development program and the VCLA's 2019 and 2020.

In Summer 2020, Gume took the volunteer role of Lead Facilitator, supporting Stephen Twynstra (Former Program Manager) as we developed the 2020-21 Community Leadership Development program. He worked with Stephen to deliver new elements and support the students of our high-quality leadership program.

When Stephen announced his departure from Leadership Victoria for an exciting new opportunity, Gume immediately stepped up. We are thrilled to have his expertise and dedication as Transition Program Manager to ensure program continuity and to maintain high levels of quality.

We thank Stephen for his years of dedicated service to our community leaders. We are thrilled for his new opportunity and will miss his work and effort with us.

Together we are continuing to develop our Community Leadership Development Program stronger than ever. We are looking to the future to refresh our team with new staff to help us reach our vision and mission. We know the program is in good hands during this transition and appreciate Gume’s steady leadership.

If you would like to know more about Gume and his wealth of international expertise, please check out his LinkedIn profile or reach out at

Mark Crocker

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