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IMPACT: Coaching Emerging Leaders

Since 2001, Leadership Victoria has been developing local leaders in the CRD. With 374 graduates leading across sectors, Leadership Victoria's Community Leadership Development Program is the premier development program in the region. Each year, the cohort of learners is divided into Community Action Project teams, paired with a community partner and team coaches. Team coaches work directly with a Community Action Project (CAP) Team, as team members integrate their learning and skill development by planning and completing a real-life, real-time community project.

Who are the Team Coaches?

Team Coaches are leaders with experience developing teams across sectors. They have a variety of backgrounds and are dedicated to the success of the project teams. Team Coaches work with their teams from the program launch in October through to the team's submission of their final report and graduation the following April.


On average, Team Coaches contribute approximately 2 hours per week and attend the monthly CLD’s, on Saturdays. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, coaches will not physically be in attendance at all Community Learning Days, however audio/video will be available by phone, or online, and will be recorded.

Are you interested in becoming a coach for 2020-2021?

Apply Here

An orientation will be held September 23rd from 7:00-9:00 PM.

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