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How I Did It

Leadership is the art of the impossible.

Have you ever doubled donations? Do you remember how you felt when you rescued the reputation of your organization? If you are a successful leader, you might still wake up at night as you remember those pivotal tests of your career.

How did you feel the night before you took your organization in a radical new direction, or what did it take to turn warring groups into a productive team?

Leaders need to manage complicated change, if you have ever been stumped and wondered “how in the world did they do that?” this event is for you.

“How I did it” is an entertaining event where four established community leaders will tell firsthand accounts of how they overcame their most perplexing problems. You will gain transferable principles, insights or steps on how other leaders were able to solve their insoluble problems and connect with leaders who are willing to share from their experience.

All good leaders will learn from their mistakes, it is only the best leaders who learn from the mistakes of others. Join our leaders and listen in on their insider secrets as they share, “How I did it.”

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