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CONGRATULATIONS! Sage Lacerte VCLA Winner and Innovative Business Woman

Annually, Sage’s family travel along the highway of tears. During this trip, they engage in traditional practices of berry picking, hunting and fishing; they also look for clothing and human remains. While walking along highway sixteen, Sage's Dad and sister were talking about how the highway became known as the highway of tears – many women had been murdered or gone missing in the area. It was on one of these journeys that the idea for the Moose Hide Campaign arose.

The Moose Hide Campaign began as a small group at the legislature but is now a tradition that includes fasting and sharing an important message. The hide from the moose that Sage’s sister had hunted was later cut into squares and distributed to raise awareness of the violence. Sage took on the role of National Youth Ambassador for the Campaign.

“We are all relatives and treat each other with love”

In addition to being a representative of the Moose Hide Campaign, Ms. Lacerte is a lover of knowledge. She received a bachelor’s degree in gender and indigenous studies from the University of Victoria. Then Sage decided to start investing. Through working hard and saving money, she became the first indigenous woman to privately invest in an energy company in Manitoba. This venture sparked an interest in impact investing. Sage’s business emerged from there; she recognized a necessity for knowledge about financial literacy and investing.

“Knowledge is Power”

Excellent leaders are always learning. Sage’s leadership experiences began when she attended indigenous meetings. She met strong indigenous figureheads who were admired in the community. These leaders modeled resilience and commanded the respect of an audience by being knowledgeable and reverent.

Sage Lacerte’s family is close-knit. They are a bear clan of the Lake Babine nation. Sage explains how her family is part of a carrier nation; widows carried the bones of their deceased husbands. Ms. Lacerte’s family also aim to build and maintain good relations with people on other territories.

Sage defines community leaders as people who lead by example, are true to themselves and are considerate of others. Such leaders are dignified and willing to be positive mentors.

“Be willing to give a little piece of yourself to another to benefit all of us.”

Sage Lacerte is this year’s winner of the Victoria Community Leadership Awards in the category of extending reconciliation. Sage is also the founder and CEO of Sage Initiatives, which is a company that assists indigenous women build wealth and prosperity through investments.

Sage is hopeful for the future. She believes that we have the power to change the trajectory of the future. We can achieve this feat by taking better care of mother earth and by making lifestyle changes. Sage is looking forward to more learning and to providing investment training through her company.

You can learn more about Sage’s company by going to her website:

By Madeline Johnston - Blogger

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