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Community Leadership Program Renewal 2018

Since 2000, Leadership Victoria Society has been the go-to organization for community leadership development in Greater Victoria. We now have over 320 alumni in our community, each doing their bit to make our communities the best they can be. While we continuously evaluated and updated content, we retained the basic structure of the program, such as its duration and delivery over a nine-month period, its use of coaches, mentors and its model of face-to-face facilitation of workshops culminating in learning labs via team projects.

Last September we agreed it was time to thoroughly appraise our Community Leadership Development program design. We initiated an intense learning journey to assess content, delivery methods and duration, diversity and audience needs. We explored any emerging edges and opportunities that might be relevant and important to our review. We invited our key community stakeholders to participate in our review by completing one of two surveys: an employer and a community survey.

Thank you for your responses – your perspective and thoughtful comments were significant in providing deeper insights into the shifting and evolving nature of community leadership. We collected and synthesized the data from our consultation and research and identified the following key issues:

· Profile of Leadership Victoria

· Time commitment of program

· Cost and relevance of program

· Complexity and diversity of community leadership needs

In December, the Board endorsed the design team’s preliminary recommendations, and requested the team to propose programming, business model and delivery options for the Board’s consideration. On January 23 they endorsed one of the team's proposed program and delivery options.

We invite you, our key stakeholders and community leaders, to provide feedback on this model and its delivery methods on February 28 from 6:00 - 8:30 pm at Our Place is located at 919 Pandora. Snacks and beverages will be offered. We encourage you (or your representative) to participate in this important session; your voice is valued. If you are interested in attending please RSVP to

We expect to complete this phase of the engagement process in early Spring and commence developing a concrete program and business model. We'll keep you posted on our progress through continued messages like this one. Thanks again for your interest and support.

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