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Community Learning Days - Listening to the Community

On November 18th and 19th, the 2016/2017 cohort engaged in community learning days (CLD’s) allowing them to explore the context in which to build awareness and connections with their community networks through listening and engagement with participatory theories, models and tools. The November CLD’s were held at Saanich Acres which provided a safe and welcoming learning environment. Our participants found that it was a great space to “ up space for dialogue, engage and participate in collective thinking”.

The first day was chalk full of topics and included presentations from two facilitators and two guest speakers.

  • Connect to Active Listening & Fishbowl Dialogue – Cara Jones

  • Importance of dialogue & story sharing, World Café, Open Space Dialogues – Diana Smith

The Fishbowl Dialogue participants created a semi-circle around the guest speakers to discuss how sensitives relate to their current groups such as how do they show respect as they engage with others in the community, language or topics that could become troublesome, legalities/requirements of the cohort interacting with their group, other things to build mindfulness. The purpose of the exercise was to bring additional awareness into the cohort about the difference between intent and impact on others in the community.

Guests for Fishbowl Dialogue included:

The second day brought individual presentations and collaborative exercises from five facilitators on a variety of topics including:

  • Key Learnings, Prepare Practice and Present – Ben Pires

  • Giving and receiving feedback, Unpack the tools and practice, Prepare Practice and Present – Kimberley Newton

  • Unpack the tools and practice, Prepare Practice and Present – Diana Smith

  • Powerful Presentations, Prepare Practice and Present – Brendan Mather

  • Powerful Presentations, Prepare Practice and Present – Tracy Scott'

A HUGE thank-you to all of our wonderful facilitators and guest speakers who were able to join us for the November CLD's.

Those who could come spend the day with us found that the topics presented were meaningful and appropriate for the development of the community projects they will develop throughout the program. One of our participants stated that “Being a participant of the Leadership Victoria has been such a wonderful and inspiring experience. I am really proud to be part of the Leadership Victoria Community”.

We look forward to our next Community Learning Days on December 9th & 10th; be sure to check back on our blog for future updates!

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