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Community Learning Days - Learning about our Community

On October 21st and 22nd, the Community Leadership Development class was able to explore a deeper understanding of our community through the lens of Project Management, Change Management, and Self-Management Workshops. The session was held at the McTavish Academy of Art and our students found that it was "...the perfect creative space to reconnect with participants and coaches of the Leadership Victoria Program and to gain knowledge about our community."

The first day started with introductions and reconnecting activities followed by workshops on the 3 core concepts with fun and engaging activities throughout the day.

  • How Project Management Can Be Used in Your Nonprofit - Ivan Rincon from the PMI Educational Foundation

  • Apply Change Management Models to Maximize Adoption of Your Project  - Jennifer Walker

  • Productive Conflict Model (Self Management) – Everything DiSC - Fiona Prince and Randy Kennett

The second day involved a tour of the McTavish Academy of Art Facility, Living Library, and wrap-up of the event.

McTavish Academy of Art Talk ‘n Tour - Sean McNeill Living Library with Community Leaders - Cara Jones Summary and Wrap-up - Holly Courtright

Thank you to all of the Facilitators for keeping things fun and informative. 

The Living Library activity was a huge success and provided our students with useful tools to manage their community projects. If you are wondering what a living library is, it works just like a normal library. Participants can choose a community leader they want to learn from and "borrow" and pick their brain for a short time. After their productive conversations they can return their "book" and borrow another. This short exchange of information gives our students a chance to look into the minds of local leaders and give them an opportunity to dig deeper into difficult concepts of community leadership. One of our students found that "...the Living Library of community leaders inspired me to stay true to who I am, follow my passions and connect with others in the community."

We were grateful to have four community leadership professionals and their inspiring conversations with students on how they can make a difference in their community. 

One of our participants stated that "...the October CLD sessions encourage the importance of learning about the community, seeking for collaboration and building connections." We look forward to our next Community on November 18th & 19th; be sure to check back on our blog for future updates!

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