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Camosun Leadership Development Partnership

Leadership Victoria is excited to announce our new partnership with the Camosun Leadership Development Program!

Graduates from the Community Leadership Development Program at Leadership Victoria can now use their Certificate in Leadership Development towards the Leadership Development Certificate at Camosun College.

Students who complete the Community Leadership Development Program with Leadership Victoria Society are eligible to receive Prior Learning Credit for 66 hours out of 141 hours needed for the certificate program.

The Leadership Victoria program must be completed within the 5-year completion time frame of the Camosun Leadership Development Certificate program. Students must supply a copy of the Completion Certificate from Leadership Victoria.

The agreement with Camosun College means that alumni of the program from 2015 onwards can augment their leadership learning through the Certificate in Leadership Development.

Applications for the Leadership Victoria Community Development Program will open in April 2017.

Learn more about the Camosun Development Certificate Program please click here.

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