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Call for Proposals: Community Action Project Partners

Would you like to access the energy and resources of the Leadership Victoria cohort to help kickstart your community project?  Consider applying to be a CAP partner for 2019-20

Over the past 18 years, Leadership Victoria has been successful in developing local leaders in our Community Leadership Development Program. Learners experience has been enhanced by 69 Community Action Projects that have created meaningful solutions to challenges identified by community organizations.

Leadership Victoria is seeking qualified community partners to support our Community Action Projects in the 2019-2020 Community Leadership Development Program. The Community Action Projects (CAPS) are a key component our leadership development process. They are an opportunity for learners to apply their growing leadership competencies to a real-life community issue.

The project will provide a local community organization the opportunity to work with a group of dedicated learners over a four month period to create solutions to an important community challenge. Community Partners will be local not-for-profit organization looking to find meaningful solutions to a significant community challenge.

Interested?  Consider applying now ...

Not so fine print:

  • Projects should focus on a significant community wide issue.

  • Community Action Projects team may include 4-7 learners.  

  • Project outputs must be attainable in 14-16 weeks.

  • Projects can support more than one team.

  • We will not provide fundraising activities for any organizations.

  • Organizations are encouraged to apply for more than one CAP.

  • Successful community partners should expect to engage in regular timely feedback to the project team

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