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Being A Really Good Board Member

What does it take to be on a volunteer board? What does a director do? What do good boards have in common?

Organizations can find it challenging to recruit board members, in part because being a board member may sound like a lot of responsibility and work. However, there is a method to being a great board member that takes away the mystery and the fear. 

Facilitator Ann Moskow is an expert at working with volunteer boards and giving them the training they need to succeed - and will share that expertise in Being A Really Good Board Member, part of Leadership Victoria's Leading in Community workshop series.

This interactive session is packed with information around board governance structures, legal obligations, and important frameworks to have in place to ensure success. You can expect lively discussions about challenges that boards often face. You’ll be able to assess how your organization stacks up, and you’ll leave with concrete ideas on how to make improvements in your own organization. Bring your real-life scenarios and questions!

Date: April 28, 2016, 9am - 12 pm

Place: Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites, 318 Wale Road

Cost: $30, $10 for seniors and unwaged

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