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2019-2020 Leadership Coaches Required

Team Coaches Needed for our Community Leadership Development Program

The Community Leadership Development Program is an intensive program designed to develop Community Leaders.  It is a mix of online, classroom and experiential learning models.  

A cohort of 25-30 learners receive facilitated learning of key leadership competencies.  The cohort is divided into smaller teams of 5-6 people with each team supported by 1-2 Team Coaches.  These coaches support the teams and the individuals throughout the learning cycle.  Each team is assigned a real-life community action projects that will create outcomes and impact to our local communities.

This year we are partnering with a local community organization to create Thriving Children and Families. The time commitment is 6 learning days (Saturdays) and 1-2 hours/week.

We are recruiting 4-5 experienced coaches to join our volunteer team coaches. Orientation is provided.

Apply by clicking the link provided. 

Deadline: August 15th.

We will be in touch with you as soon as we can after receiving your application. For more information please contact the Program Manager at

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