Leadership Victoria attracts incredibly dedicated, talented and dynamic leaders. 

We have thousands of people who have been connected to Leadership Victoria, in fact most leaders in town have a direct connection to our work.

But what makes us great is our single minded focus on staying local. 

 If you love Victoria, BC and want a fulfilling opportunity to deepen your local influence, we should talk.




President Curtis Smith, Ministry of Environment (Alumni)
Vice-President Don Evans, Our Place Society
Treasurer Catherine Nightingale, University of Victoria

Garth Caters (Alumni)

Audrey Deutshmann

Sarah Hood (Past President)

Cara Jones

Dustin Lockhart 

Sharde Long (Alumni)

Ashley McKay

Peter Parrish

Ben Pires

Jody Yurkowsky-Pace




Executive Director:  Mark Crocker

Mark is the executive director of Leadership Victoria. Mark is a a dynamic communicator on Culture, Community-Building, Values and International Development. His background as a humanitarian development worker reveals a passion to build healthy communities in Canada and around the world. Mark has extensive experience in organizational leadership and is always looking to develop, celebrate and support leaders who put in the hard work to build community. 


Program Manager: Stephen Twynstra

Stephen spends his time helping leaders develop values-based transformation in their organizations and personal lives. His personal leadership philosophy is to build ‘a safe place to learn and grow, together’. With over 20 years of experience in coordinating training programs and facilitating groups he enables Leadership Victoria to develop the capacity of local leaders.  

Facilitation and Coaching Team


Edie Dittman

Cara Jones

Norma Louden

Jennifer O'Halloran

Nooreen Preusser

Roger Lesage

David Liversage



Leila Adams

Rosemary Cannon

Randy Kennett

Adelaide Jammes

Angela Neuman

Ann Ovstaas