Our Leadership Approach

Community Leadership is at the heart of all our programs.


What is community leadership?

Leadership is a set of actions and behaviours more than it is a philosophy. Anyone who is willing to put in the time can learn these skills.  

Community is not driven by position, but by a powerful passion to bring a vision to life. Leadership in community is less about  inspiring your followers, and more about the hard work of finding and following that thread of a great idea together to a lasting change.

That means we find the same values, really know our team and can clearly communicate a vision so the outcome almost seems obvious. 

Finally, this all happens in the dynamic push and pull of community. We surf the broader social, political, economic, and cultural contexts to drive lasting change.

Our local leaders build Victoria.  


"I don't think all of my ideas are good. It's almost easier when people are critical of you because it helps with the quality control" 

-Seth Rogan


Our four pillars

We organize our programs around these four pillars of community leadership:


We work these four pillars through our Community Leadership Competencies Framework.  


Our Approach to Learning

We teach adults through active engagement 

  • You are actively involved and choose your leadership development goals
  • You receive guidance from mentors and coaches
  • We know you already know many leadership principles and will learn from you
  • We expect you to bring your past knowledge, opinions, and experiences to the program
  • We make each goal clear, so you can see how it relates to you directly
  • Theory < Real Life practice. Our Community Action Projects make things happen.