Our Leadership Approach

Community Leadership is at the heart of all our programs. We strive to contribute towards a healthier, vibrant community in Greater Victoria by equipping emerging leaders (of all ages) with the skills, confidence, practices, and connections needed to lead positive change.

How does community leadership compare to organizational leadership?

We believe that leadership is a set of skills, attitudes and behaviours that anyone can develop and improve. Learning about leadership in your community will also benefit you as a leader in your career, while equipping you for the unique dynamics around community.

Community is not driven by hierarchy and position, but by shared interests and passions to bring to life a vision of public good. Leadership in community is less about learning to inspire followers, and more about finding and managing passionate consensus among peers. The challenges of community draw on the same fundamental leadership attributes of being values-driven, emotionally intelligent, and adept at communication. Finally, community leadership requires an understanding of the broader social, political, economic, and cultural contexts and how to navigate within these systems to drive and support innovation and change.

We've identified four pillars of community leadership and organize our programs around these:


In each of these areas, there are Community Leadership Competencies which our program develops through face-to-face learning, mentorship, coaching, and a hands-on community project. Please view our Community Leadership Competencies Framework to learn more.

Our Approach to Learning

Leadership Victoria applies principles of adult learning to shape our programs:

  • Participants are actively involved in the learning process, making choices about their own leadership development goals with the guidance of their mentors and coaches.
  • Participants bring their past knowledge, opinions, and experiences to the program, and learn ways to relate these experiences to the current learning about community leadership.
  • We make the goal of each "lesson" or activity clear, so participants can identify the learning goals and how it is relevant to their personal journey.
  • Theoretical concepts are put into practice in real-life situations, through the Community Action Projects and by bringing ideas back into their workplace.
  • Participants work in collaborative relationships with their peers, as well as the coaches, facilitators and guest speakers who deliver the program.