Workshop Series Leadership Contract Opportunity

Leadership Victoria is looking for a special person to work with us on a contract basis from now until June 2016. This person will help us to design, plan, coordinate and host a workshop series for grassroots organizers and community volunteers. We're accepting Expressions of Interest until November 12 at 4pm. Please take a look and consider if this is something that would be a fit for you!

LeadLearn_small.jpgRequest for Expressions of Interest

Lead/Learn Workshop Series – Project Manager


Leadership Victoria Society exists to develop, support and celebrate leaders who are passionately engaged in creating a vibrant community in Greater Victoria. Founded in 2000 as a joint initiative of Volunteer Victoria, The Victoria Foundation and the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, Leadership Victoria has a proud history of training community leaders and advancing the understanding of leadership in the community context. We formed as a non-profit society in 2008, and are a registered charitable organization with two staff and over 80 volunteers who make our programs possible.

Workshop Series

Leadership Victoria is embarking on a project to develop and deliver skills training to grassroots volunteers and community organizers to help them increase their leadership capacity, which in turn will boost the effectiveness of their respective community efforts. The topics will include things like effective meetings, neighbourhood/community outreach, media relations, and other such skills that help a grassroots organization to survive and thrive. The workshops will be accessible to a volunteer audience, meaning they’ll likely happen during evenings/weekends, and have a low (or no) ticket price.

We are grateful to the Greater Victoria Savings Credit Union Legacy Foundation for funding this project.

Project Manager Role

Due to our limited staff capacity, Leadership Victoria needs to find a suitable, values-aligned individual who will take on the project management of this project. The exact deliverables will be determined based on the skill sets of the person(s) who we contract with to make this event happen; we also will support the project with internal staff capacity. Deliverables will include:

  • Evaluate the needs and interests of grassroots volunteers in Greater Victoria for leadership skills training, by interviewing people who are active in the community (Nov-Dec 2015).
  • Formulate a series of workshop topics to respond to the needs and interests of the audience (in collaboration with Leadership Victoria) (Dec 2015).
  • Enlist the participation of local expert speakers to design/develop/deliver evening/weekend workshops on the chosen topics. The Project Manager may use her/his own expertise and act as the facilitator for one or two of the workshops, if they have the requisite skills.
  • Negotiate how the workshop content will be prepared and select workshop facilitators who are willing to construct workshop learning plans that can become the intellectual property of Leadership Victoria, for future workshop offerings. (It is assumed this will be on a fee-for-service basis).
  • Coordinate the selection and booking of venues and catering for the workshops over the time period of January to June 2016.
  • Prepare and implement a communications/marketing strategy (including social media, media relations, direct outreach and advertising) to promote the workshop series with the target audience, aiming for registrations of 25-30 people per workshop.
  • Monitor registrations and adapt communications tactics to respond.
  • Represent Leadership Victoria to act as “host” for the workshops, or arrange for suitable volunteers to do so.
  • Evaluate the impact of the workshops through attendee feedback.
  • Document the systems/processes used to develop/deliver the workshop series, so that we don’t have to re-invent the wheel next time we do this.

Note: We have a proprietary registration system that we will be using to handle email marketing and workshop registrations, including payment if applicable. Therefore you won’t need to manage Eventbrite/similar platforms, but we will train you to use our system.

Request for Expressions of Interest

We would like to hear from qualified individuals or partnerships about their interest in the deliverables above. We are open to considering one or more proponents for different aspects of this project, so please indicate in your response which of the skill sets you possess, and provide examples of your recent work in that area.

We also need to know what you would expect to be paid for these deliverables. If you choose to quote an hourly rate, please let us know how much time you think each of these tasks would take. We have allocated a budget of approximately $5,000 for project management of all of these deliverables, with additional budget for the communications/marketing, venues, speaker fees, and content development of workshops.

If your sole interest is in offering a workshop topics as part of this series, we would still love to hear from you. Please tell us what topics you’d like to present, why you think our audience will be interested in that topic, and show us what makes you an expert that people will want to learn from.

Format of Responses

Please keep your responses brief – no more than four written pages, plus your resume. Feel free to include web links to show your past work. Please email your responses to Susan Low, Executive Director -


Responses must be received by 4pm on November 12. We will evaluate the responses and initiate conversations with the successful respondents by November 16 to begin this project.

More Information

For more information, contact:

Susan Low

250-386-2269 ext. 34