Seniors, Stories and Leadership: Sharing Knowledge

This position will involve supporting a panel of senior volunteers in creating a 13-part storytelling series to pass on and preserve leadership stories for the new generations. The senior advisory panel will be as involved as possible in the planning, organizing, researching, and most importantly identifying 13 visible senior speakers to tell their stories.

As a Volunteer Lead, you will be the main point of contact and reference between your volunteer team and Leadership Victoria. You will be guiding the project alongside our staff team. Although a senior (in this case 55+) is preferred for this role, anyone is welcome to apply. 

Examples of duties

  • Acting as a point of contact between Leadership Victoria and the Senior Advisory Panel 

  • Project planning and meetings

  • Keeping contacts and documents organized as the project grows 

  • Offering advice and guiding the project for the seniors 

Preferable skills 

  • Efficient with technology, sending emails and connecting people on social media

Minimum Duration: completed by March 28, 2022. 

Start Date: Immediate

Time Detail: Flexible hours (2-5 week).