Is This Right for Me?

So how do you know if this is what you really want to do?

What are the Individual Benefits?

  • Develop a strong personal leadership style, informed by your values, to help you be more effective in the community and your workplace.
  • Gain confidence and courage to tackle tough situations in teams or groups, and shine bright when presenting your ideas to others.
  • Build skills to engage others towards a common goal, even if you don't have the power or authority to direct people.
  • Increase your comfort with complex, complicated, or chaotic situations and develop tools to lead yourself and others through change.
  • Deepen your understanding of the issues facing Greater Victoria, and learn about the civic structures and systems that affect the way we approach these issues (so you can navigate them better!)
  • Gain satisfaction in knowing you made a difference in the Greater Victoria community through involvement in community service projects
  • Build an expanded network of personal and professional relationships that extend well beyond the program.

Who Should Take This Program?

The ideal Leadership Victoria program participant is a person who demonstrates:

  • creativity and innovation
  • initiative and integrity
  • a strong sense of community
  • an ability to collaborate with others and build relationships
  • reliability and responsibility to follow through with your commitments
  • positive attitude towards working in a team on a project that serves the community
  • good communication skills

You must also have the time. Full attendance in the program is vital. It is essential that both you and your employer understand and honour the commitment required to the program dates. In addition, participants must be able to make the time to participate fully in a team project.

How Do We Select Our Participants?

When assessing applications for entry to the program, we look for evidence of the following attributes:

  • Motivated to be engaged in the community in a leadership capacity 
  • Willingness to commit to attending ALL of the program components and participate fully in a team Community Action Project. 
  • Support from employers to participate in the program.

Leadership Victoria does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, race, language or national origin, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, educational background, family status, faith/religion, socio-economic standing, physical, mental, or cognitive ability, group affiliation, illness and individual ways of being or thinking,