We're Hiring a Community Outreach Coordinator


Are you fanatical about communication and want to make a difference to a non-profit organization that has “potential” written all over it? Do you want to practice your social media skills, help put on terrific events, and learn-by-doing fundraising and sponsorship marketing? Are you organized, reliable, picky about details, and still easy to be around? Do you feel passionately about spelling, grammar, and punctuation? (#OxfordCommaForever)

If all of this describes you, then you might be just the right person to be our Community Outreach Coordinator.  Read on!

This is a new part-time job being created at Leadership Victoria Society, to help us build our community visibility and advance some exciting events and leadership programs in 2016-17. We need this person to do the following:

  • Social Media: plan and maintain a rolling editorial calendar for social media posts in our blog, Facebook and Twitter channels; cultivate an online community of program alumni, friends, fans, sponsors and influencers; educate our followers about community leadership while being fun and friendly (about 6-8 hours/week).
  • Communications: update our website with new and emerging information about our events and programs; compile newsletters for two audiences, with content ideas and announcements gathered from our ongoing busy operations (1-2 hours/week).
  • Events: assist in organizing events for alumni, community members, donors, and participants in our leadership programs. Plus, some AMAZING events coming up in 2017 (3-4 hours/week).
  • Donor Relations: provide thank-you notes, tax receipts, and other tokens of our appreciation when people help us out. Keep on top of our people database – update mailing addresses, correct out-of-date information, etc. (1-2 hours/week)

Important Skills and Qualifications:

  • Top-notch English-language writing skills are an absolute must. You need to be able to put together written materials with little to no editing or proofreading.
  • Methodical and organized. Event management is a details game.
  • Creative, resourceful and flexible. We’re a small non-profit and we need to get a lot done on a tiny budget.
  • Microsoft Word / desktop publishing skills. You need to be able to create good-looking documents incorporating graphics, heading styles, headers and footers, etc. We use mail merges a fair bit.
  • Microsoft Excel / spreadsheet data analysis. You need to be able to use a spreadsheet to organize, sort, filter, and interpret information – importing and exporting out of web-based database tools is something we do fairly often.
  • HTML / web-based content management. We use Nationbuilder as our publishing tool, which has a WYSIWYG editor, but it really helps if you know some HTML for when things get funky.
  • Graphics creation. We’re not expecting you to be a full-on graphic designer but you’ll be editing/touching up photos, cropping, and creating social media graphics with a tool like Canva.
  • Self-starting and independent. You’re the sort of person who likes to figure things out (with a little guidance at the beginning), and seems to always find ways to make things better. Your opinion matters!
  • Interested in community development, leadership, citizenship, social innovation, change, etc.

Right now, this is a part-time position (14 hours/week) which we imagine will grow in the next two years. We would prefer someone to work in our office downtown with regular hours, and we’re happy to work around a class schedule or other job if that’s what’s going on for you.

The pay is $15.00/hour. We’ll have a two-month “try each other out” phase and then we’d like to talk about a longer commitment. We’ll give you an awesome career-building opportunity and a friendly, inclusive environment to work in where you can bring your authentic self to the office.

How to Apply:

Send your introductory email and the URL of your LinkedIn Profile to info@leadershipvictoria.ca

In your introductory email, cover the following points:

  • Who are you - as in, what sorts of things do you like to do for money and/or fun?
  • Why do you want to work with Leadership Victoria?
  • What experience do you have working on the kinds of tasks/activities listed in the first bullet list above?
  • What experience do you have that demonstrates you meet the "Important Skills and Qualifications" listed above? Feel free to link to examples of your work.
  • What do you think of Leadership Victoria's social media presence: what would you do the same? What would you do differently?

Attention will be paid to spelling, grammar, punctuation, writing ability, and whether you have followed instructions.

We are trying to hire someone for this by the end of August, and will do our best to keep you in the loop because nobody likes sending a job application into a black hole.