Employer Benefits

The Community Leadership Development Program is an excellent complement to in-house leadership and management training programs. There is overlap between the competencies of community leadership and workplace leadership. Here are some questions we hear often from employers who are considering supporting an employee to register in this program. If you'd like to speak directly to some of the employers who frequently sponsor employees for the program, please contact our executive director


Will this help my employee be a better leader in the workplace?

Employers of our over 325+ graduates from our Community Leadership 

Development Program have reported that this learning experience has a dramatic effect on the leadership participants in their workplace.

Some of the competencies developed in our participants which directly relate to their workplace success include:

  • Knowing and Managing Self: 
    • increased confidence and composure;
    • improved communication skills;
    • increased cultural awareness for building relationships with Indigenous partners;
    • develop awareness of their own values and to act ethically and authentically.

  • Leading Through Influence: CRD_Quote_-_Blog_Graphic.jpg
    • build skills in solving problems creatively;
    • increase tools and skills for working collaboratively with others;
    • learn about and practice managing conflict constructively;
    • make presentations to groups and individuals to gain support for ideas;
    • gain confidence and skill in facilitating groups to make decisions and work together well.

  • Navigating Community Systems:
    • build knowledge and skills for engaging in internal and external stakeholder relationships;
    • use a "systems-thinking" approach to look at the big picture;
    • take political realities into consideration when dealing with issues;
    • use different methods to guide people through change.

  • Making Things Happen:
    • frame ideas and shape a vision or objective cooperatively with a team;
    • translate ideas and goals into practical project timelines for implementation;
    • communicate and cooperate with others to deliver a project in a complex situation, within a budget and timeline;
    • measure the results of their work and report on their successes, failures, and lessons learned, to external and internal audiences.

These competencies overlap with many leadership frameworks including:





We have an in-house leadership program. What makes this different?

The Leadership Victoria program brings together learners from different sectors and backgrounds, giving a highly diverse cohort for learners to practice their leadership skills with. This also helps participants to learn about working with different types and temperaments, and different generations.

The Leadership Victoria program allows participants to explore leadership practices in a "safe space" where they can try out different leadership styles with a group of peers, and get feedback on what works (or doesn't) before applying their learning in the workplace.

Through the Community Action Project, participants have an opportunity to apply their skills 'in real time" on a challenging project, and get coaching from a leadership expert on how they are developing their own leadership capacity under pressure.


How does this program help my organization boost our organization's community relations objectives?

When you support an employee to participate in the Community Leadership Development Program, they become an ambassador for your organization and its perspectives within their cohort at first, and then the broader Leadership Victoria alumni community of 325+ graduates.

Your employee will develop a deeper awareness of community issues and come back to your workplace with constructive suggestions for how your organization can engage with the community in positive ways. Also, they will have become adept at building partnerships across different sectors and organizations, so they can help you advance your outreach activities.


How does this program help my organization achieve our employee recruitment and retention objectives?

Talented employees are attracted to employers whose values align with their own, and where they can be part of work that they feel is meaningful and worthwhile. 

The Community Leadership Development Program provides an excellent opportunity to develop the leadership talents of your emerging leaders, while demonstrating your organization's alignment with community issues.

We encourage participants to share their learning with colleagues in the workplace, so your investment is multiplied as you support your employee to bring their new leadership competencies and community awareness back into their day-to-day role.



Why not just enroll my employee in a university or college leadership program?

Leadership Victoria's program is very competitively priced in comparison with the leadership certificate and degree programs in Greater Victoria.

Our program offers an opportunity to deepen local community connections and apply leadership skills immediately in a hands-on, real-world project.

We are the only program in this region which brings together learners from across different sectors into one class, and approaches leadership from a highly experiential (instead of academic) perspective.


How much will this take my employee away from their work schedule?

The program involves 4 Saturday all-day sessions where your employee will need to attend this program. These Community Learning Days are mandatory for the program, and we strongly encourage employers to support their participants in prioritizing these days and not scheduling other things in conflict.

Most Community Action Project teams meet weekly, although each team finds a regular time that does not conflict with the team members' work schedules. In the spring, there may be times when your participant is extra busy with implementing their project.

The investment of time by you as the employer is matched by your employee's giving up their own time. It's well worth the investment to see the learning and growth that occurs!