Culturally Competent Leaders

Crossing the Great Divide

Cultural competence is an influential advantage for leaders in an increasingly multi-cultural world. Leaders with strong Cultural Intelligence (CQ) have a distinct advantage as they navigate diverse perspectives and open doors into a wider community

I want to grow my Cultural intelligence!


The Problem

New cross-cultural experiences are an exciting adventure, and all adventures come with risk. Mastering cultural diversity can be overwhelming. The world is large and culture runs deep.What is appropriate in one community may be highly offensive in another. A harmless remark or gesture is misunderstood, a relationship breaks down and months or years of work is suddenly lost.


The Solution

This seminar focuses on understanding cultural worldviews and how successful leaders navigate across cultures. This course will give you the highly effective tools you need to successfully work and live in any new culture. By the end of our time you will know the single question you must memorize to avoid getting stuck in cultural misunderstanding, and the best possible time to use it.


The Process

This video and image rich presentation will surprise participants and open up new ways of understanding the world. Through open questions and a 'no inappropriate question' format we will practice going deep into new cultural perspectives. Participants from any cultural background will gain insights into other traditions, find themselves surprised at how their personal cultural impressions are formed, and be equipped with easy to use tools that they can immediately put into practice.


During this seminar you will:

  • Understanding the culture shock cycle
  • Memorize the number one question to best understand cultural practices
  • Practice a simple technique to reveal unconscious cultural perspectives
  • Articulate your own unconscious cultural perspective. 
  • Assess how your culture affects your team and customers
  • Create strategies for customer satisfaction that are a tailer fit to the culture of others 

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About the Facilitator:

Mark is the executive director of Leadership Victoria. Mark is a a dynamic communicator on Culture, Community-Building, Values and International Development. His background as a humanitarian development worker reveals a passion to build healthy communities in Canada and around the world. Mark has extensive experience in organizational leadership and is always looking to develop, celebrate and support leaders who put in the hard work to build community. 

Why I talk about this

  • I have visited over 1/4 of the worlds countries (50+)
  • I have taught on-site cross-cultural understanding to Westerners, Africans, Asian and Latin American cultures
  • I have been in demand as a teacher for this topic for over 20 years.
  • I have trained over 25,000 people in this topic. This has actively changed how they enter a new culture and helped them to find far more success



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