2018-2019 Community Action Project: Finding A Way Home

Leadership Victoria's 2018-2019 cohort were engaged with Our Place Society to create possibilities for Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable citizen. The cohort conducted an asset survey and mapping of Greater Victoria to identify opportunities for temporary supported modular housing.  Each team examined case studies from around the world sharing successful projects that may be re-created, or lessons learned to ensure successful projects. Case studies and stakeholder analysis will assist in creating a model of community readiness to ensure accessibility to needed services and recommendations for supporting a welcoming community. 

Final Consolidated Infographic

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2017-2018 Community Action Project: Team Cool Neighbours

Team Cool Neighbors worked with Cool Aid Society to hold multiple open houses with the goal of breaking down barriers and stigma of what supportive housing looks like in the community. The project allowed the public to see what a Supportive Housing unit looks like on the inside and introduced community residents to the people living in the facilities.

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2017-2018 Community Action Project: Team Dynamic Quattro

Community Partner: Pacifica Housing

The You Matter project was inspired by a campaign that UVic had recently completed called Kindmail, where UVic alumni were called upon to send encouraging messages to students in exam period. Our team took the concept of Kindmail and came up with the You Matter campaign. We partnered with Pacifica Housing to deliver handmade cards with a short but encouraging message to four of their supported housing buildings. One side of the decorated card had “You Matter” written on it. On the other side there was a note encouraging the recipient to pass on the card when their heart was full.


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Neighbour Day – by Team Jedi Magic

Team Jedi Magic wanted to create a project that could enhance connections between neighbours. They chose Neighbour Day, modelled after a similar event that began in Melbourne Australia in 2003 and has since spread nationwide. 

Their mission? “To create safe neighbourhoods and foster a sense of belonging and feeling valued in a community by promoting inclusion and reducing isolation through the development of neighbour-to-neighbour connections”. 



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DiverCity Victoria – by Team Bellatonia

Team Bellatonia used video to create a diversity awareness project titled “DiverCity Victoria”, in order to enhance understanding and inclusivity in our community. The project aims to help us to recognize, tackle and address our own biases, therefore promoting a more diverse and inclusive society based on mutual understanding and improved meaningful connections between people. 

The project was inspired by current political discourse, and concerns about the rise of intolerance and targeted hatred towards a few faith communities, as well as the stigmatization of immigrants, particularly in North America. It was also designed to build awareness around the team’s own experiences with discrimination. 

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?”  by Thoreau

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Power to be Celebrated - Team #3

Power_To_Be_Celebrated_-_Photo_2_thumbnail.jpgThis mural project facilitated a collaboration between non-profit organization Power To Be, local artist Kay Gallivan, and property management company DNL Holdings. Inspired by the work of Power To Be, Kay and partners painted a stunning mural on the wall of one of DNL Holdings' properties in downtown Victoria as a way to beautify the downtown, encourage community connectedness and a sense of belonging for all. Team #3 then hosted a celebration to unveil the mural and celebrate the community work that led to its creation.

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