Community Action Projects

Community Action Projects give participants an opportunity to work collaboratively, practice group development, and engage in participatory decision-making. In essence, the projects make community laboratories by providing unique opportunities to exercise skills and knowledge gained from Community Learning Days and to apply leadership skills in a tangible context that results in concrete outcomes.

Community agencies and their constituents benefit as participants develop their leadership capacity. In the course of their projects, participants gain practical insight into the workings of Greater Victoria communities.

Community Action Project teams showcase their projects at a Graduation Ceremony.

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Featured Projects from 2015-16

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Shifting Gears - Team Pedal Empowerment

This project identified the need for safe, reliable and cost effective transportation for community members transitioning out of life circumstances such as poverty and addiction.  Through the generous donations of bicycles, helmets, locks and safety manuals, the plan empowered 25 identified individuals with a sense of ownership allowing them to move forward with their lives. 

Get Your Ship Together - Team Inclusive-Us

The focus on this project was to provide a one-day workshop to youth transitioning into adulthood.  The team organized a variety of local resource people to offer interactive workshops to youth from the WestShore in areas of life skills. Topics included resume writing and job search; renting and tenancy rights; financial literacy; stress management; and how to cook on a budget.  

Happy Half-Birthday Campaign / Jeneece Place Sanctuary Garden - Team DiverCity

Team DiverCity partnered with Help Fill a Dream Foundation to develop and launch the Happy Half-Birthday Challenge aiming to raise awareness of volunteer opportunities focused on assisting local families of children with life-threatening illnesses.   The campaign encourages the community to give back on their half-birthday through volunteerism and donations. 

Booster Benches - Team Bench Strength

The Booster Bench Project was created to foster strong childhood friendships by providing a place to connect in the areas of inclusion, empathy and kindness. The team worked with local schools in SD 61 to develop an in-class discussion activity for kids focusing on what it means to "give a boost" (an anti-bullying message). In each school, the "Booster" message was reinforced through the installation of a colourful permanent bench on or near the play areas. 

Full Project Archive