Community Action Projects


Community Action Projects give participants an opportunity to work collaboratively, practice group development, and engage in participatory decision-making. In essence, the projects make community laboratories by providing unique opportunities to exercise skills and knowledge gained from Community Learning Days and to apply leadership skills in a tangible context that results in concrete outcomes.

Community agencies and their constituents benefit as participants develop their leadership capacity. In the course of their projects, participants gain practical insight into the workings of Greater Victoria communities.

Community Action Project teams showcase their projects at a Graduation Ceremony.

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Featured Project 2018-2019 Finding a Way Home

Leadership Victoria's 2018-2019 cohort were engaged with Our Place Society to create possibilities for Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable citizen. The cohort conducted an asset survey and mapping of Greater Victoria to identify opportunities for temporary supported modular housing. Each team examined case studies from around the world sharing successful projects that may be re-created, or lessons learned to ensure successful projects. Case studies and stakeholder analysis will assist in creating a model of community readiness to ensure accessibility to needed services and recommendations for supporting a welcoming community.

2018-2019 Project Details

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