Our 21st Year of Local Community Leadership Development.

Our flagship program has developed 388 leaders since its formation in 2001.

The Community Leadership Development Program grows the emerging leaders of Greater Victoria. Founded in 2001, this flagship program provides powerful learning opportunities and connections between leaders of socially responsible organizations. Local leaders from the public, private, academic or the not-for-profit sectors, gain tools and develop greater confidence to lead a strong and resilient community.

This program is limited to 25 dynamic leaders a year

Our six-month learning experience runs annually from October to March. We combine local leaders, live workshops and interactive projects so participants can deepen their leadership skills and local connections to the leaders of Greater Victoria.



Join Mark Crocker in our next info session to discover how this program will grow your personal leadership and connect you to community leaders. This practical session will inform you on our principles, learning components, benefits, how to apply and the impact we have in our community. 

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Community Leadership Development Program Fast Facts 

  • Our graduates work with over 12,000 staff members in local organizations

  • 69% of alumni have taken on more or significantly more responsibility for leading others since graduating

  • The combined annual budget of teams and organizations led by graduates is approximately $1.5 billion

  • Our graduates volunteer over 2,770 hours per month and over 33,000 hours per year

Which organizations participate:

  • Socially responsible businesses who want to impact the world

  • Civil societies, Local community groups, and neighbourhood organizations 

  • Private and public sector employers to enhance their aspiring managers

  • Educational institutions who provide career development for community-minded staff members

  • Organizations looking to deepen the community-connectedness of their employees

Successful participants are:

  • Eager to develop their personal understanding of leadership. 

  • Connectors who are looking for meaningful connections

  • Learners wishing to lead and support others on community initiatives. 

  • Managers seeking to put new leadership skills and experiences into action.

The CLDP support local leaders and organizations by:

  • Creating self-aware leaders who understand their strengths and tendencies to build effective teams and working groups

  • Uncovering leaders who can build a shared vision and alignment of teams with diverse skills and experiences

  • Developing effective leaders to overcome the complex challenges that communities face

  • Creating resilient leaders able to plan and complete meaningful projects with community impact

  • Developing leaders able to manage meaningful change in our community

  • Developing leaders who compel others to action and see projects through to completion

  • Building a network of like-minded community influencers to support collaboration and community action

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COVID-19 Response

The Community Leadership Development Program mixes a robust online learning platform, with in-person learning days.  While attendance at learning days are expected, participants should not attend if feeling ill.  Leadership Victoria is working closely with community partners including venues and caterers to ensure all Public Health directives are followed.  We have designed this year’s program to pivot online as required and are investigating the ability to stream the learning events from venues into people’s homes. 

Some strategies we have taken:

  • Orientation, the leadership intensive and all learning days have been designed to be delivered online if required. 

  • Venues and catering will strictly follow public health directives. 

  • Masks will be required in any space where physical distancing may be a challenge, including entering and exiting venues. 

  • The number of staff and volunteers will be minimized to ensure social distancing can occur.

Leadership Victoria staff, volunteers and students will continue to stay up to date with Public Health Directives and change as required to ensure the safety of everyone involved. 





The cost of the program is $3900. All fees must be paid to confirm your seat. Some participants may be eligible for bursary support. Bursary applications will be sent to you if indicated on your program application. Payment plans can be discussed with the Program Manager.

Employers can find out more on Work BC funding opportunities here.



The program begins in October with a 3 hour orientation session. A few weeks later, the leaning begins with a 2 day leadership intensive weekend away. Learning days occur one Saturday per month through the fall and winter. Participants can expect 4-6 hours of work each week and 6 learning days throughout the program.


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When we speak with alumni, we often hear about the impact of the relationships they built throughout the program. You will make lasting friendships with your cohort of peers. You will learn from local experts who are excited to share their knowledge and experience with you. Professional coaches are there to support you along the way. We also bring in local influencers to share their stories and guide your leadership development. We've included sitting and former mayors, gold medal athletes, and local business leaders. In past years, students were introduced to approximately 100 local influencers.


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Leadership Victoria isn't your typical leadership course. We connect you to the community leaders of Greater Victoria. Participants are immersed in a real-life community action project to immediately make a difference locally as you put theory into action. Leadership Victoria attracts leaders from various industries with diverse skillsets, creating a unique environment combining online learning, in-person facilitation, and powerful peer-to-peer learning opportunities.



Community Action Projects give participants an opportunity to work collaboratively, practice group development, and engage in participatory decision-making. In essence, the project makes community laboratories by providing unique opportunities to exercise skills and knowledge gained from the course and apply leadership skills in a tangible context that results in concrete outcomes. 

Community agencies and their constituents benefit as participants develop their leadership capacity. In the course of their projects, participants gain practical insight into the workings of Greater Victoria communities. Community Action Project teams showcase their projects at the graduation ceremony. 

In 2020-2021, The Community Action Projects will work with four local organizations with the theme "Belonging in my Community."  



See our current and past CLDP Alumni