We're Hiring a Community Outreach Coordinator


Are you fanatical about communication and want to make a difference to a non-profit organization that has “potential” written all over it? Do you want to practice your social media skills, help put on terrific events, and learn-by-doing fundraising and sponsorship marketing? Are you organized, reliable, picky about details, and still easy to be around? Do you feel passionately about spelling, grammar, and punctuation? (#OxfordCommaForever)

If all of this describes you, then you might be just the right person to be our Community Outreach Coordinator.  Read on!

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Positive impact through bringing together partners

Leadership Victoria celebrated our 15th graduating class in the Community Leadership Development Program last Wednesday. While there will be more pictures and another blog post coming about that, today I want to share something that makes me really proud to be part of the Leadership Victoria family as Executive Director.

Each of our four Community Action Project teams made a presentation about their projects, and as I listened and watched their stories, something really important stuck out to me: the many new partnerships that have formed this year through these projects. While often the eye is drawn to the tangible result of the projects (life skills training, bikes, benches, and a garden), a longer-lasting positive impact for the community comes from the partnerships and new relationships among organizations and people in the community.

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A Healthy Leader is a Strong Leader! Checking in with Erika Ladouceur (LV '15)

Erika Ladouceur is the winner of the 2016 Leadership Victoria Alumni Award, and a terrific example of how LV alumni contribute to a healthier community in Greater Victoria.

We wanted to learn and share some aspects of her journey through the Community Leadership Development Program. Discover with us how Erika’s leadership development has translated into positive impacts in our community.

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Kids Help Phone "Walk So Kids Can Talk": Alumni in Action!

What we said: Let's go into the archives and find stories of LV alumni who are doing really cool things in the community. Then we can tell their stories, and help other alumni get connected to help out!

What happened next: We got an email from Kelly Tilsley (LV '08) the very next week. Kelly has been Chair of the Kids Help Phone "Walk so Kids Can Talk" for the past several years, and wants to let alumni know about the event. This is a great example of how the leadership skills that are gained through the Community Leadership Development Program really do have an impact on the community! Kelly actually got involved in the Kids Help Phone work because of an introduction from one of his 2008 cohort colleagues. Let's let him tell the story in his own words:

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Community Learning Day - Focus on Affordable Housing

How can community leaders make a positive impact on the issue of affordable housing shortage in Greater Victoria?

That's the whopper question that our Community Leadership Development class explored on April 15 in our Community Learning Day. Read on for more about this intense, challenging, eye-opening learning experience.

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How Can Your Board Make Progress?

In an ideal world, one strength of volunteer boards is that board members bring a diversity of expertise to help make decisions and problem solve for their organization. In reality, that doesn't always happen. Issues such as trust and openness (or the lack of it!) can get in the way, as can different leadership styles and conflicting agendas. 

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Being A Really Good Board Member

What does it take to be on a volunteer board? What does a director do? What do good boards have in common?

Organizations can find it challenging to recruit board members, in part because being a board member may sound like a lot of responsibility and work. However, there is a method to being a great board member that takes away the mystery and the fear. 

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Conflict - Making It Work For Your Organization

Conflict in a community organization can be incredibly frustrating for all involved. If everyone is there as a volunteer, and they have the same overall goals in mind, why does it happen so often? And how can people learn how to move through the conflict and on to productive and happy working relationships?

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Invite Your Friends and Make A Real Difference

Volunteer management pessimists talk about the decline of volunteering in our society, but what if that isn't the whole story? While traditional community organizations are experiencing a decline in signed-up members, people are still volunteering their time and making a difference in their community. How do you, as a community organizer, tap into people's enthusiasm and community spirit?

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The Ups and Downs of Leading Change

Everybody wants change, but nobody wants change to "happen to them." Managing change often means helping people see the need for change, getting them ready, and communicating together to the other people affected. 

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