Booster Benches - Team Bench Strength

13346782_1699833730265760_1844066430091416757_n.jpgThe Booster Bench Project was created to foster strong childhood friendships by providing a place to connect in the areas of inclusion, empathy and kindness. The team worked with local schools in SD 61 to develop an in-class discussion activity for kids focusing on what it means to "give a boost" (an anti-bullying message). In each school, the "Booster" message was reinforced through the installation of a colourful permanent bench on or near the play areas. 

The launch of the first Booster Bench was unveiled at South Park Family School in School District 61, the team’s partner.  Throughout 2016, the project will expand to at least 10 more schools across Greater Victoria, building a visible, community-wide friendship network.  A special thanks to Coast Capital Savings, Beatrice Stevens Memorial Foundation, South Park Family School, Ecole Quadra School, local dignitaries, Associate Superintendent of Schools and the Honourable Mike Bernier, Minster of Education.  Thank you to Carole James, MLA for Victoria Beacon Hill who delivered a 2 minute speech in the House of Commons