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About Us:

Leadership Victoria grows community leaders who stand out and change the world, starting here. Leaders do that best when we connect influencers, inspire hope, focus local, and celebrate it all. 

Since 2001, Leadership Victoria has been the go-to organization to develop our city's emerging generation of leaders. We have graduated 388 leaders who have completed 78 community action projects. Our annual celebration of local leadership highlights the best we have to offer at our Victoria Community Leadership Awards gala. Our graduates are the leading voices in every sector of our economy and community. 

We know community leadership changes the world. It starts here.

The Volunteer Opportunity:

We would like you to join an energized volunteer board of governors who actively participate in the work of running and growing our organization. The role of Treasurer is an officer and board director of Leadership Victoria. It is a critical position that manages the financial procedures and systems of the organization. You will work closely with the president/board chairperson in oversight of the internal operations of the board. You will also contribute in close collaboration with the executive director, board, and book-keeper on all financial matters.

The role has additional capacities as a chair of the Finance Committee, and acts in a position of trust for the Society.

Your Time and Involvement:

This board position would typically involve a 10 - 15 hours per month, and could expand depending on activities in our board calendar.

Commitments include preparing the monthly budget package and attending and presenting at a monthly board meeting, as well as a monthly board ‘collaboration session’ and a small number of events during the year that the board support on behalf of Leadership Victoria. You will also spend time in reviews with our bookkeeper, budget meetings with the ED, and periodic finance committee meetings.

As part of the Board you’re ready to connect the benefits of Leadership Victoria with your relationships in business, education, or local government when the opportunities arise.

Overall, we’re looking for someone who intends to provide their volunteer support to Leadership Victoria for a minimum of two years.

What You Can Contribute:

In a nutshell, we look to this position to support the achievement of the LVS vision and mission by fostering effective financial management of the Society. A few specific examples of this include:

  • Chair the Finance Committee in development and board review of the annual budget, financial procedures and systems.

  • Ensure appropriate maintenance of financial records, including books of account, necessary to comply with the Society Act

  • Ensure systems are in place for payroll, government remittances and other liabilities are settled in a timely manner

  • Ensure systems and policies are in place so that excess funds and reserves are properly held and invested

  • Render financial statements at regular board meetings, and to the membership at the AGM on key financial events, trends concerns, and assessment of fiscal health

  • Is co-signing authority on behalf of the Board for financial dispensing funds

  • Develop and present the organization’s annual financial report and recommend appointment or reappointment of auditor for the annual general meeting

Ingredients for Success:

There are a few skills and attributes that we think would help someone be successful in the role:

  • Knowledgeable, skilled, and practiced in financial management and reporting practices

  • Possess the skills to read, understand, and assess financial statements needed at a board level

  • Financial understanding of not-for-profit organizations is an asset to us

  • A professional accounting designation is preferred

  • Is a member in good standing with LVS

Board Director Treasurer: About
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