We would like you to join an energized volunteer board of governors who actively participate in the work of running and growing our organization. You will have the opportunity to support our executive director by managing our HR agenda, while having a voice of governance on the board.

In this role you will work closely to collaborate with the president in oversight of the internal operations of the board. The role has additional capacities as a member of the Executive Committee, the chair of the HR committee, and acts in a position of trust for the society.

Minimum Duration: Two Years

Your Time and Involvement:

This board position would typically involve a minimum of 10 hours per month, and could expand depending on activities in our board calendar, and where you want to grow the portfolio in support of our annual plan.

Commitments include preparing for, and attending, a monthly board meeting, a monthly board ‘collaboration session’ and a small number of events during the year that the board support on behalf of Leadership Victoria.

As part of the board you’re ready to connect the benefits of Leadership Victoria with your relationships in business, education, or local government when the opportunities arise.

Overall, we’re looking for someone who intends to provide their volunteer support to Leadership Victoria for a minimum of two years.

What You Can Contribute

In a nutshell, we look to this position to support the achievement of the LVS vision and mission by fostering effective communication between the Society and the Community in the ways of developing, implementing, and improving communications strategies for the Society.  A few specific examples of this include:

  • Engages in a support role for the President and fellow board members

  • Chairs the HR Committee to ensure appropriate policies and practices are effective and useful for the Society, both for board, and including staff and volunteer operations

  • Work in support of the Society’s Executive Director to provide guidance in staff management, and ensure all work practices are in line with board governance requirements

  • Brings current and tenured human resources expertise to HR issues that may arise in the Society

  • Is a signing authority on behalf of the Board for financial matters

Ingredients for Success

There are a few skills and attributes that we think would help someone be successful in the role:

  • You bring career education and experience in human resources practices, including a current understanding of provincial labour laws, and HR matters pertaining to volunteer organizations

  • You have a real interest in community leadership, and want to learn to be a better leader yourself

  • Volunteerism is important to you; you believe using your strengths and passion to give back to your community is a part of living a valuable life