Don't Shout back at the critics: Emma-Jane Burian

As the founder and lead organizer of Our Earth Our Future, Emma-Jane has seen her movement grow from a handful of students to a massive rally. In September 2019 Emma stood in front of more than 20,000 people calling for change in the way that governments approach climate change and environmental degradation. While the numbers are impressive Emma in more concerned about opening the door.

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The Advantages of Patient Leadership: Chris Pollock

As Hospitality Pastor at the Mustard Seed Street Church and Food Bank for almost 20 years, Chris gives his all in the service of those who need it most. Drawing on the lessons of those who have gone before him, he does so humbly and passionately, offering comfort to all who turn to him and the Mustard Seed Street Church for support and comfort. It is in his patient attention to the people that he has learned the most important leadership lessons.

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Choose People better than You: Major Sheldon Feener

Major Sheldon Feener was born and raised in Newfoundland to Salvation Army Officer parents. He has travelled across Canada in his role as a Salvation Army Officer and is currently the Executive Director of Victoria Salvation Army Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre. Shy as a child, he worked hard to overcome his lack of confidence as he knew that he had been created for a greater purpose. His lack of confidence was stopping him from being the person he was meant to be.

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Leadership as Service - How your worldview(s) impact your influence: Dr Charlotte Loppie

Dr. Charlotte Loppie is from Nova Scotia, born to Mi’Kmaq and French-Canadian parents. Families in their area have been there a long time and have very deep-rooted connections in their community. Her parents were self-made – her dad went to work in the bush, logging at 11 years old (he was paid in cigarettes). Her mother worked at Dalhousie University in the kitchen. Charlotte herself started working at about 5 years of age with chores and farming.  It is through connecting with the people from that hard-working community that formed Dr. Loppies unique understanding of leadership ...

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How to Lead a workforce of Volunteers - with Santa’s best friend Christine Hewitt

How do you lead a workforce of over 400 with a single staff member?  This is the challenge faced by our VCLA 202 Winner Christine Hewitt as she took on the Executive Director role at Santa's Anonymous.  in a few short years Christine had:

  • Quintupled Fundraising Growth
  • Doubled Christmas Hamper distribution
  • Partnered with Greater Victoria Firefighters to deliver those hampers and provide trauma support (with a Toy Room!)

The challenge was difficult, and Christine shares how she found the strength to move this forward after facing a significant personal tragedy.

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The Art of Indigenous Leadership - Carey Newman 2020 VCLA winner


We recently met with Carey Newman, the 2020 VCLA Winner for Extending Reconciliation, to talk community leadership in the time of Covid 19

Carey Newman, whose traditional name is Hayalthkin’geme, is a multi-disciplinary Indigenous artist, master carver, filmmaker, author and public speaker. Carey’s work on ‘The Witness Blanket’, made of items collected from residential schools, government buildings and churches across Canada, deals with the impacts of colonial history, which through the cycle of intergenerational trauma, persist in our communities today. Carey also 

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2020 VCLA winners




Victoria, April 16 2020 – Leadership Victoria is proud to announce the recipients of the 2020 Victoria Community Leadership Awards (VCLAs), celebrating community leadership and recognizing those who have made a lasting contribution to the communities that make up Greater Victoria. 

Here are their stories of extraordinary leadership!

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Covid 19 response

We are writing to share an update on how we are addressing COVID-19 as a team.

As the situation continues to develop our first concerns are for the health and safety of our community.  While there are many elements beyond our control we are grateful to our community leaders who are working hard to ensure we are given the clear information we need to keep everyone safe. 

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Leaders Are Readers

How I Did It

Leadership is the art of the impossible.


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Have you ever doubled donations? Do you remember how you felt when you rescued the reputation of your organization?  If you are a successful leader, you might still wake up at night as you remember those pivotal tests of your career. 

How did you feel the night before you took your organization in a radical new direction, or what did it take to turn warring groups into a productive team?

Leaders need to manage complicated change, if you have ever been stumped and wondered “how in the world did they do that?” this event is for you.

“How I did it” is an entertaining event where four established community leaders will tell firsthand accounts of how they overcame their most perplexing problems.  You will gain transferable principles, insights or steps on how other leaders were able to solve their insoluble problems and connect with leaders who are willing to share from their experience.

All good leaders will learn from their mistakes, it is only the best leaders who learn from the mistakes of others. Join our leaders and listen in on their insider secrets as they share, “How I did it.”



Victoria Event Centre

Nov 28, 2019

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