Bees Knees – Boxes and Blossoms

MasonBees.jpgCommunity Partner: Lifecycles Project Society

This team’s mission was focus on habitat creation by building Mason Bee Boxes, and on planting pollinator plants to feed bees. The Mason Bee is a native pollinator to Vancouver Island; it pollinates up to 65 times more blossoms than a honey bee and is non-aggressive. This project provided and protected habitat for Blue Orchard Mason bees in partnership with Lifecycles Project Society. The team procured and distributed 100 bee boxes, and planted 500 pollinator plants at the Welland Orchard and surrounding area. operated and maintained by Lifecycles. By providing habitat and food for bees, this project will help the community get m ore food from backyards and a bigger harvest to help feed people.

Project Donors and Sponsors: Community sponsors with greenhouses, gardening equipment, seeds, soil; Capital Region Beekeepers’ Association; Master Gardeners Association of B.C.