Promote the Program

As an alumnus of the Community Leadership Development Program, you are one of the best people to identify and help others find their way to a leadership development opportunity that could change their life... and change the community! We've put together this page to help you find out how you can spread the word, and what you might say about the Community Leadership Development Program to get people really really interested.

How Do I Spread the Word?

Here a few different ways that you can help to spread the word about the program with your friends, family, colleagues, and their networks too!

Connect with us on social media and share our posts with your own social network.

Use the custom-made links at the bottom of our Spread the Word page, to connect your social media activity back to your Alumni Profile here at the Leadership Victoria website. If you're kind of weirded out by all this connectivity, you can go directly to our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts and directly share from there.

Set up a Lunch & Learn about leadership development in your workplace, and share something you learned in the program!

We find that the Experience Cube (Observations / Thoughts / Feelings / Wants) and Pinch Theory are two quick skills that can build leadership capacity among your co-workers, and can be taught in 20 minutes or less. You look like a hero, and you can tell 'em that you learned it all at Leadership Victoria! If you want us to attend your event, email or call and we'll be there (and yes, we can deliver some of the content, in case you're a bit rusty)! We can also swing by and drop off some rack cards for you to hand out at your session, or leave conspicuously around the lunchroom. Feel free to circulate our information brochure: CLDP Program Brochure.

Speak to networking groups you belong to about the Leadership Victoria program.

Putting in a 5-minute "infomercial" at your next club or chapter meeting is a good way to practice your presentation skills, and reach out to people who also care about the community. Those who are willing to listen are the kind of people we want to invite into the leadership program!

Introduce us to an HR manager or senior executive at a company/organization that values community

Maybe you've moved jobs since you took the Leadership Victoria program or maybe there are new people in the HR office who don't know what the Leadership Victoria program is about. You can help us connect with new participants by introducing us to employers who are likely to sponsor one of their staff to enroll in our program. Give our Executive Director (Susan Low) a call at 250-386-2269 ext. 34 and let's talk about the best way to make that connection in a way that's comfortable for you.

What Should I Say about the Leadership Victoria Program?

What you say about the program is naturally personal: it's unique to your experience, and we know that every person who's gone through this program has taken different experiences from it.

First and foremost, be authentic when you talk about the program. How did it work for you? It's your personal story that will connect best with people.

Next, be aware that our program is continually updated and refreshed. We're now working with a Community Leadership Competencies Framework that has replaced the Kouzes & Posner "The Leadership Challenge" as our primary framework for explaining community leadership. Many of the activities you loved about the retreat and Community Learning Day's (CLD's) are still happening, wrapped around a slightly different way of looking at leadership from a community perspective.

Check out the following link to learn about some things that we like to say about the Community Leadership Development Program... be creative and make them your own!

Leadership Victoria - Community Leadership Development Program Talking Points

What to Do with People who Say YES!

If you're talking with people about the program and they're sounding keen, here are their next steps:

1. Visit our website to learn more about the program.

2. Register to attend an Info Session (using the link you send them, copied from the Spread the Word page).

3. Talk with their Employer about sharing or covering the tuition.

4. Apply for the program! The 2017-18 Application Form is open from May 1 to June 27. People can access it through our Next Steps page.