2018 Community Action Projects

Community Connectors 


Community Partner: Quadra Village Community Centre

Team Members: Kathryn Giorio, Brooke Shaughnessy, Jessica Olsen, Manuela Lale, William Doyle

Team Coach: Libby Rush 

This team set out to define some of the challenges facing the younger and older generations in our community and create connections between the two parties to enrich each others' lives. Individuals were invited to partake in a series of activities that exhibit opportunities for such connection, then encouraged to take these activities forward into their community networks.

The event named, Generations United was created to engage Juniors (6-12 yrs) and Elders (+65 yrs) in an afternoon of intergenerational learning through facilitated group activities. Activities included: Bingo, Interview style "what advice would you give your younger self", gardening, collaborative art and more!

Intergenerational learning provides social, emotional, and educational benefits to the members of our community while also forging a strong sense of connection and purpose across the ages.

Cool Neighbours 

Community Partner: Victoria Cool Aid Society 

Team Members: Cleo Breton, Katherine Ghanem, Sharde Long, Linda Nobrega, Jonathan Ruhl

Team Coaches: Rosemary Cannon & Randy Kennett 

Team Cool Neighbors worked with Victoria's Cool Aid Society to hold multiple open houses with the goal of breaking down barriers and the stigma of what supportive housing looks like in the community. The project allowed the public to see what a Supportive Housing unit looks like on the inside and introduced community residents to the people living in the facilities.

With a turnout of 100+ in attendance at the open houses throughout the day, the event showcased several of the Society’s properties and services. The purpose was to encourage the general public and neighborhood to come and understand who the society is, what they do, and who their clients are. The open house intention is to act as a catalyst for individual conversations about supportive housing, which the team hopes have had a ripple effect through the networks of those who attended.

Sponsors & Support: Victoria Cool Aid Society (in-kind support of staff hours and financial support of $500)

Other Sponsors: Starbucks Coffee (in-kind) donation of coffee and coffee supplies, value of $80.00, Crust Bakery (In-kind donation of baked goods for Sandy Merriman House), Whole Foods Market ($100 food donation for Sandy Merriman House) and David Sommer (in-kind donation of labour and materials to make donation/comment card houses, vale of $130.00)

Special thank you to Marcie Gaukrodger for her role as liaison between Victoria Cool Aid Society and the Cool Neighbours Team.

Dynamic Quatro 

Community Partner: Pacifica Housing 

Team Members: Kathy Khouri, Tara Skobel, Jordan Cooper, Roger Hazleden

Team Coach: Annette Siewertsen

The You Matter project was inspired by a campaign that UVic had recently completed called Kindmail, where UVic alumni were called upon to send encouraging messages to students in exam period. Team DQ took the concept of Kindmail and came up with the You Matter campaign.

Through a partnership with Pacifica Housing, cards with a short but encouraging message to four of their supported housing buildings were delivered. One side of the decorated card had “You Matter” written on it. On the other side, there was a note encouraging the recipient to pass on the card when their heart was full.

Close to 150 residents received individual handmade cards that we hoped brought encouragement and positivity. This was especially meaningful as many of these adults had faced homelessness, or were previously at risk of facing homelessness due to mental health and/or addictions. Team DQ spent one morning delivering the cards to each unit by taping a card on each door. In one building the team was notified of the recent passing of three residents, and so, the cards were especially appreciated.


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