2018-2019 Community Action Project: Finding A Way Home

Leadership Victoria's 2018-2019 cohort were engaged with Our Place Society to create possibilities for Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable citizen. The cohort conducted an asset survey and mapping of Greater Victoria to identify opportunities for temporary supported modular housing.  Each team examined case studies from around the world sharing successful projects that may be re-created, or lessons learned to ensure successful projects. Case studies and stakeholder analysis will assist in creating a model of community readiness to ensure accessibility to needed services and recommendations for supporting a welcoming community. 

Final Consolidated Infographic

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The Home Team

Elysia Glover, Community Microlending
Ken Louis, Integra Support
Iris Muller, BC Transit
Eva Eaton, Camosun College

Coach Ann Ovstaas


Sandra Russell, City of Colwood
Paul Vanderboomen, City of Victoria
Sarah Temple, District of Sooke
Carey Gustafson, BC Pension
Andrea Toombs, Saanich Police

Coaches: Kate Landreth, Adelaide Jammes

Team Majic

Janelle Hatch, VIHA
Alison Edwards, Edwards Technical Writing
Sara Cameron, Cool Aid Society
Imen Bourguiba, UVIC

Coaches: Leila Adams, Angela Neumann

Team Spark

Ahmed Mumani, BC Transit
Angela Adamson, UVIC, Rick Hanson Foundation
Niki Andesen, UVIC CanAssist
Kara Udell, Threshold Housing Society
Dana Kritsch, UVIC

Coaches: Randy Kennett, Rosemary Cannon

Breakfast at Our Place Society

Leading up to the leadership launch, students chose one of three dates to serve breakfast at Our Place Society. Each student, and some of our coaches and facilitators participated, to grow our understanding for the people we may be helping. The values of love and compassion are embedded into the facility.


Invitation to Present Findings

In January 2019, it was announced by Don Evans, from our Community Partner Our Place Society that the Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness has invited the Leadership Victoria cohort to present their findings to their Board of Directors. The BOD includes several sitting mayors, LV funders and influential leaders in our community.